Intel manufactures motherboard chipsets, integrated circuits and network interface controllers, graphics chips, flash memory, embedded processors and many other devices related to communications and computers.

Movidius is popular for the development of Drones and Thermal Cameras. The company is also a specialist for manufacturing Computer Vision Processors and AI. Google and Lenovo has good worthy deals with Movidius.

Intel’s new approach to explore the future vision in the chips manufacturing industry. Robotics and Smart homes concept are growing now a days, and the merger will surely help the company grabbing the market and maintain its hold.

Intel acquires AI startup Nervana Systems for $400 million

Intel at present is using the RealSense Camera Technology that helps in sensing the presence around its surroundings. High speed and low power chips can be manufactured for the Realsense Cameras with this acquisition.

This merger is definitely a milestone in the fields of Cameras and computers. With a long term goal, Intel has stepped towards the merger. Anyways, this is not the first acquisition by the company. Earlier Intel purchased a manufacturer of computer security technology, McAfee in 2010 along with Wireless Solutions business of Infineon Technologies.

HP has now Announced Sure View Technology to Avert Shoulder Surfing

A company specializing in network switches, Fulcrum Microsystems Inc. was also acquired in July 2011. Starting as a developer of SRAM and DRAM memory chips, American multinational technology company Intel has acquired many top companies from 2010 to till date.

At present, it is the biggest supplier of processors for many big computer system manufacturers like Apple, Lenovo, HP and Dell.


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