Trump on voter fraud

A US Federal Elections Commission (FEC) official called on President Donald Trump to give proof of voter fraud after he reportedly made claims in a meeting with senators, the media reported.

Trump reportedly blamed voter fraud for why both he and former Senator Kelly Ayotte lost in New Hampshire in November during the meeting on Thursday with a bipartisan group of senators, as reported in popular magazine.

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“The scheme the President of the US alleges would constitute thousands of felony criminal offenses under New Hampshire law,” Commissioner Ellen Weintraub said in a statement on Friday.

“The President has issued an extraordinarily severe and specific charge,” added Weintraub, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush. “Allegations of this magnitude cannot be ignored.”

“I therefore call upon President Trump to immediately share his evidence with the public and with the appropriate law-enforcement authorities so that his allegations may be investigated promptly and thoroughly.”

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Last week, Trump said that he would have Vice President Mike Pence to oversee a special commission for voter fraud.

The president maintains voter fraud may explain why 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton defeated him in the popular vote by nearly three million ballots.

After his entrance into the white house, the US president was in news everyday for his decisions and remarks. We have to look further how the USA will be under his rule.