Hug day is celebrated on February 12th 2017, which is the sixth day of valentine’s day week. People who are in love are celebrating this day by sending their Happy Hug Day wishes to their boyfriends/ girlfriends through facebook and whatsapp. Here in this page we have given the best collection of Hug Day Pictures for Husband/Wife. You can download the Hug Day Images 2017 hd on this page.

Happy Hug Day 2017: Hug Day Quotes, SMS, Shayari for Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Hug day is very special for couples and lovers. This day is celebrated all over the world. People embrace their partners and enhance their relationship on this day. Some people send their Hug day greeting to their beloved in the form of Hug Day Images quotes.

Whenever we are in difficult time one warm hug can erase all our problems in a single minute. Especially when we are with our crush we want to hug him/her on this day. The Hug Day Images for Girlfriend are presented here for you to send your crush and friends. The collection of Hug Day images for Husband are in this websites, a wife send their greetings to her husband on this day in the form of Hug Day Images.

Valentine’s Day 2017: Cute Valentines Day Gifts for Girlfriend/Wife

Facts About Hugging

  • Full body hug stimulates your nervous system while decreasing the feeling of loneliness, increasing self-esteem and showing appreciation.
  • Cuddling releases Oxytocin, which is a hormone that does everything from making you feel good and helping you feel connected to others.
  • The hormones that release in the body after hugging is good for happy feeling and they can also help your physical health
  • Even a ten seconds hug can improve your health like, lower risk of heart disease, fight infection, stress reduction, boost your immune system, ease depression
  • Children who aren’t hugged have delays in walking, talking and reading.

After reading the facts of hugging, I think you want to hug someone at least for your health.  A hug can built confidence in you at the same time love. Hug Day Images for Girlfriend are here send your wishes with a warm and tight hug.

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