3D printing office

The world’s first ever 3D Printing Office opened in Dubai on Tuesday (24-05-2016). The inauguration of the office done by the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates “Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum”. He stated “Office of the Future” the first fully printed Bureau of three-dimensional printing technology.

dubai 3d printing office

This building was located near to the Emirates Towers. This office will serve temporarily under the Dubai Future Foundation. The total time took for constructing this building is 17 days and to install the site it took two days.

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The unique mixture of cement and the building materials are used in the construction of this 3D printing office. These materials are from both UAE and the United States. This material was thoroughly tested in China and the United Kingdom for confirming whether it is suitable for the construction.

The design of this 3D Printing Office is in rectangular with the curved arcs and further increasing the floor space of 250 Sq.Mts space for accommodating any events, exhibitions and any other workshops.

3d printing office

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To print the parts of the building, 3D printer measuring 20 ft high, 120 ft long and 40 ft wide were used. The Printer required only one person to monitor the functionality. To install the components in the building seven members were worked on the site. To handle the engineering segments ten electricians and specialists are assigned to take care. This helps in cutting the labour cost by more than 50% when compared with the similar size buildings.

first 3d printing office

VP of UAE also said, “We have a long-term strategy for the three-dimensional printing and by 2030 will print 25% of Dubai buildings using this technique.”


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