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 Vijay Kumar Sharma, the first E – Commerce service provider to initiate free wifi services across the metro stations all over in Delhi. Initial start-up was rolled out in a metro station in Noida, a place benefits where nearly 1,00,000 people a day.

Signalling Paytm wifi, very soon starting across all the main subway stations across Delhi, and Mr. Sharma founder of the company expressed that the program will allow connecting to the user ‘Paytm Wifi’ for 15 minutes and can access only his Paytm account.

Paytm is trying to push the customers to use their wallet for offline usage. Paytm wants their customers, merchants, and traders to exchange the cash through Paytm wallet.

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For an instance, commuters who was about to pay for taxi driver can transact the cash to his Paytm wallet, and Taxi driver accepts the payment via Paytm wallet. This all can be attainable over through free access Internet, the free start – up service is going to start soon in all the Metro Stations.

Mr. Kumar said “Initially we are trying to set up in metro stations because they are the key locations for our customers and merchants, especially auto – rickshaw wallas” he added.

A year ago, taxi online cab aggregator (Ola and Uber) started free wifi to its consumers. Uber is offering free 4G Wi-Fi in partnership with Airtel to Customers in Mumbai and plan to launch the service in other parts of the country. Nevertheless, Paytm is the first e-commerce site to provide access to free wifi. After a point we can expect our customers to buy these services, said Sharma.

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On Friday, Mr. Vijay posted on Facebook and Twitter signifying that the smartphone device was connecting to wifi named “Paytm WIFI” and the screenshot reveals the initial start-up in a metro station in Noida Sector – 18.


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