What are you planning for this Thanksgiving Day party?? Not getting any ideas, no need we are here to help you. We celebrate this Thanksgiving Day on 4th Thursday of November. This Thanksgiving 2016 is celebrated on November 24th.

On this day we will invite many guests to the party, so let us start with the invitations. First of all, make it clear to how many members you are sending the invitation. Then try creative techniques in invitation. Let us see more Thanksgiving Day party ideas.

Creative Invitations: Make invitations out of regular. Try some innovative methods like use your photographs to inviting for Thanksgiving party. You can also try some tasty dishes on the card and invite them to enjoy the delicious dinner. For kids, you can use the images of fairies.

Surprise Entry: Arrange an unknown person for welcoming guests, make them scared or confused or keep a grand surprise behind the door to make your guests astonished

Thanksgiving Day Board: Make one Thanksgiving board. On that board try to display Thanksgiving story, what is the importance of this day and reason for celebrating this day especially for kids

Creative table mats: Use one game type pattern on the table mats. Use puzzles or quiz or jokes on the mats to get the attraction of children. It is better to have separate kids table according to their size

Treat with welcome drink: To refresh your guests just give them fresh or hot drink according to the weather outside. Then they will get ready for the party.

Delicious food: To steal your guest’s heart,  delicious food is the only way. On this day turkey, corn, pumpkin, potato are compulsory items. So try to make extraordinary items with this list. Always make place for kids, don’t forget their favorite places

Thanksgiving bowl: Arrange one bowl and let the people write their memories regarding this Thanksgiving Day and give them time to share their memories

Take Hand Prints: We always take photographs as a memory. We always do that, for a change take hand prints from your guest. On a chart attach their small photograph and take their hand prints and hang them on the wall.

Give them gifts: Give them handkerchief with having words of thanksgiving and your name. You can also give them, spoons and fork in handcraft paper, or else you can also gift them small little dolls

Blessing bag for kids: Write your blessings on the card and inspire others to write their blessings on the card and gift them to kids attended to the party along with their favorite chocolates

These are some of the Thanksgiving party ideas.  You can also plan some Thanksgiving games for your guests.

To entertain your guests try some regular games like a treasure hunt, word search games. Everyone has some unique talent on this day bring them out. For kids let them play Bible game to give thanks. Let them sit in a circle and tell them to pass the ball until the music stops. Wherever the ball stops that kid must come and convey their thanks to their parents and God and what they are thankful up to now. By these activities, they will grow as good persons.

Like this, you can complete your Thanksgiving activities. Don’t miss balloon type of decoration in your party.  In the part of your celebrations, your kids must know the importance of Thanksgiving. Teach them the joy of giving

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