In the world, technology is increasing rapidly and moving faster. Today we have many gadgets that tell practically everything about our daily lives like how fit you are, what stuff is in whatever that we eat, moving around on automatic wheels and much more. The Broadcast Wearables Pvt Ltd has come up with a unpredictable clothing line, i.e., Sygnal Smart T-shirt.

Sygnal Fitness T-shirt helps you to attain fitness goals like stay fit and healthy. It tells you all need to know about the workout. People can just wear it and can go out for their work which tracks the metrics and also transfers the data when the phone is near to the Sygnal Smart T-Shirt.

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It pairs with the Sygnal app and tells you exactly how many steps you have walked, a number of floors you climbed and the number of calories you have burnt. In addition to this, the Sygnal Smart T-Shirt helps you to navigate the locations in your city without having to check from maps or navigation on your phone. With its built-in sensors on the shoulders, it will vibrate when the app tells you to go right or left.

Sygnal Smart T-Shirt is waterproof and fashionable that can be worn to anywhere like office, hanging with friends, going outdoors and much more. It has a bunch of sensors embedded in a small chip that placed on upper back portion along with battery and Bluetooth.

The battery backs for at least three days and the Bluetooth synchronise the tracked data with the app which can view. Sygnal Smart T-Shirt equipped with a soft master switch on the sleeve to turn off the device when you needed. The company is being crowdfunded with FuelADream, an online funding marketplace where the T-shirt is available to purchase.

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The company made available to purchase at the discounted Sygnal Smart T-Shirt Price of Rs. 2,499 or $59 for shipping outside India. The actual price of the T-shirt is Rs. 4,999 or $99 respectively and available in Sky Blue and Silver Grey colours. It will start shipping by the end of the March month.