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Fastrack Reflex Fitness Tracker Launched with Sleep Monitor and OLED Display

fasttrack reflex

Fastrack has entered into the fitness tracker into the market by launching the activity tracker device. The brand owned by the watchmaker Titan had released the  Fastrack Reflex in the country. The new device comes with Fitness Tracker support, sleep data facility, shows calories consumed and physical activities.

Titan Sub-brand Company’s first Fastrack Reflex will be available in various colours, and each of the variants consists of dual-colour bands. Interestingly, the outside of the band comes in one colour, and the inside part has a different colour. The Fastrack Reflex Price targeted the youth which is available for just Rs. 1,995.

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The first Activity Tracker of the company sports an OLED Display and also allows the users to get notifications about the incoming calls and texts. Fastrack Reflex is compatible with both operating systems Google Android and Apple iOS. It also features vibration alarms as well.

If you have been inactive for a while, it notifies the users with equipped sedentary remainder. The company claims that the Reflex is a splash resistant which means you can’t wear when taking a shower or when you are in the water.

In terms of charging, the Fitness Tracker can be charged using any USB adapter, USB ports of laptops and desktop PCs. Fastrack Reflex will primarily available in offline stores and Fastrack, World of Titan and other stores across India from today.

Key Highlights of Fastrack Reflex 

  • Auto sync sleep and exercise data
  • Phone calls and SMS notifications
  • Sleep monitoring
  • 15 days of exercise data memory
  • Vibration alarm
  • Bluetooth low energy 4.0
  • Android 4.4, iOS 8
  • Battery can last upto seven days of charge

Sygnal Smart T-Shirt with Navigation Designed in India Available for Rs. 2,499


In the world, technology is increasing rapidly and moving faster. Today we have many gadgets that tell practically everything about our daily lives like how fit you are, what stuff is in whatever that we eat, moving around on automatic wheels and much more. The Broadcast Wearables Pvt Ltd has come up with a unpredictable clothing line, i.e., Sygnal Smart T-shirt.

Sygnal Fitness T-shirt helps you to attain fitness goals like stay fit and healthy. It tells you all need to know about the workout. People can just wear it and can go out for their work which tracks the metrics and also transfers the data when the phone is near to the Sygnal Smart T-Shirt.

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It pairs with the Sygnal app and tells you exactly how many steps you have walked, a number of floors you climbed and the number of calories you have burnt. In addition to this, the Sygnal Smart T-Shirt helps you to navigate the locations in your city without having to check from maps or navigation on your phone. With its built-in sensors on the shoulders, it will vibrate when the app tells you to go right or left.

Sygnal Smart T-Shirt is waterproof and fashionable that can be worn to anywhere like office, hanging with friends, going outdoors and much more. It has a bunch of sensors embedded in a small chip that placed on upper back portion along with battery and Bluetooth.

sygnal smart t shirt

The battery backs for at least three days and the Bluetooth synchronise the tracked data with the app which can view. Sygnal Smart T-Shirt equipped with a soft master switch on the sleeve to turn off the device when you needed. The company is being crowdfunded with FuelADream, an online funding marketplace where the T-shirt is available to purchase.

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The company made available to purchase at the discounted Sygnal Smart T-Shirt Price of Rs. 2,499 or $59 for shipping outside India. The actual price of the T-shirt is Rs. 4,999 or $99 respectively and available in Sky Blue and Silver Grey colours. It will start shipping by the end of the March month.

Samsung Rolls Out Gear IconX, A Wireless Earbuds Focusing on Fitness

Gear IconX

Samsung reveals one of its prestigious project named Iconx, a bud type wireless headphones which mostly focuses on the fitness. The beautiful, excellent wireless earphones prove that there is definite room for improvement. The pair of earphones is independent having no wire connection between them.

They come with built-in sensors which track and monitor the heart rate, speed & distance covered. The left and right buds together packed in a case in which charging would be done. It is very easy to Control and uses the IconX.

Users can just tap and swipe on the touch navigation pad present on them. Actions like Single tap on the bud to play/pause, double tap to skip the current track, thrice to skip a track backwards. Manual configuring of the buds can be done by using the settings with the Android Gear application.

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The IconX also has voice confirmations for each action and can be managed by an app on the phone. The headphones support all the Android devices running on Android 4.4 version and with minimum 1.5GB of RAM. They are not compatible with iOS devices.

Gear IconX is powered by a 47mAh battery which is capable of tracking an activity for 1.5 hours. The ear bud carrying case is equipped with another 315mAh battery which can be used for charging the buds, and it would be sufficient for the whole day.

The tiny device fulfils the functionality of both the Bluetooth wireless headset and fitness tracker. It also features a unique option called the ambient mode which can be activated by long-pressing the outer surface of the earbud.

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The ambient mode enables the built-in microphones to hear sounds in our surroundings with an excellent clarity even you are listening to music. This particular method is exclusively designed for sporting activities like riding, trekking, rowing or walking around a city.

This exciting product of Samsung would be launched somewhere between July to September. It will be available in three different colours which are black, white, and blue for a price of $199.

Samsung Unveils The Second Edition of Gear Fit, A Fierce Competitor For Fitbit

Samsung gear fit 2

Now a day’s wrist watches are being slowly substituted with wristbands and fitness trackers which are stylish in looks, more efficient than the traditional watches. The fitness trackers, more importantly, help users in maintaining fitness by tracking daily activities.

Leading Electronic Company Samsung once again trying its luck with its new advanced Gear Fit 2. It has been two years since Samsung made its debut into smart bands with the Gear Fit, which didn’t shine at the market as expected.

Samsung’s new improved fitness tracker is setting a tough competition to other leading bands, mainly Apple’s Fitbit.

The all new Gear Fit 2 would be a good option for those who are looking for motivation to stay Fit & Healthy. The built-in GPS tracks your location and the sensors automatically senses whatever activity users are performing whether it is walking, running or working out at the gym.

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It would start monitoring by counting the number of steps, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep quality and more. The device also records your exercise and gives the option for selecting fitness sports like yoga, doing squats, rowing, etc. It also alerts users to notifications, calls, texts and more by vibrating.

The Smart device comes up with a 1.5-inch touch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 216×432. The 322 ppi makes reading easy even in sunlight and shade. It runs on the open and flexible Tizen Operating system.

The power packed combination of 4GB Internal Memory, and RAM 512MB enables users with real storage space and efficient multitasking ability. The fitness tracker is equipped with a 1GHz Exynos 3250 Dual Core Processor.

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Different types of sensors like Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heart Rate, GPS, and Barometer are included for multipurpose activities. It can also act as the standalone music player thanks to the built in music player which can play formats like MP3, M4A, AAC, OGG.

Aluminium, polycarbonate and fibreglass were the materials used for making the device and the screen is made from Gorilla Glass 3. The outer straps of the wearable are formed of a typical Elastomer material which makes it skin friendly. It is Dust and Water Resistant and has an IP68 Certification which makes it capable of working in any condition, no matter how sweaty your workout gets or how rainy it is. It is equipped with a 200mAh Lithium-ion battery which would give battery back up to 3-4 days.

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Since the earlier version of Gear wasn’t comfortable Samsung, this time, has availed users with different sizes of Gear Fit 2, which would be suiting anyone’s wrist. It supports all the devices running on Android version 4.4 and above.

Sad news for IOS users because they can’t connect this wristband to their device, but can merely use it by wearing. The less chunky Fitness Tracker cum smartwatch is available in black, pink and blue colours. The Pre-booking for the device starts from June 3, and it is priced at $180, and it takes a week for shipping.