Sony Corporation, which is commonly known as Sony, a popular company for the best products it released in the technology. Sony has initially come up with the Walkman and the Play station in the earlier days and before all. Sony stamped the unique mark in the entire world for their products.

Now we are discussing, one of Sony products, “Sony Rolly”. Rolly is a robotic digital music player in the egg shaped designed and developed by Sony. This concept of this product is combining the music along with the robotic dancing, the two wheels which allow the Rolly to rotate and spin. There ae two circulars Color LED light bands at the edges and around the Rolly. The two wings (arms) which opens and closes according to the music being played.

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The Playback controls are easy to operate; the music tracks can be changed by shaking the device or spinning the wheels. It cost around $399.99 and released in the year 2007. With the Rolly, you can choreograph your dance moves with the software given by Sony. Rolly works only on exclusive Sonic Stage application to transfer the music in the particular format.

Initially, thought that Rolly uses Bluetooth, so it could be easy in playing the music and dance with its pre-recorded routines. Only it could able to pair with the Sony PSP from 2009. One of the testers got the Rolly from the previous owner and which is capable of playing “Africa” by Toto, “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind & Fire and  “Eternal Flame” by the Bangles,

The initial teaser advertising for this Sony Rolly was launched by Sony on August 20, 2007. The product released on September 20, 2007, and went on live for the sale in Japan on September 29. At the time of release, the Rolly is available in black and white. There are options to choose the different accessories and colours for the arms.

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If Rolly rolls out today, definitely the cost would not be $399.00. It could have given the connectivity with the present smartphone application compatibility. Even now this product is loved by many of the people. You can check out the PSY Gangnam Style song played on the Rolly.

This project might have raised this concept through the Kickstarter in these days; but the Sony had come up with this less than a decade ago. With this we can say how Sony is best and advancement in the technology and with their products.


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