Sony after six long years has finally agreed to pay off to the Linux Gamers in order to settle down the PS3 Linux Lawsuit. Looking back in to the story Song launched the Play station 3, a new generation gaming console with “OtherOS” support which enables the gamers to install Linux or any other PowerPC compatible operating system on to gaming console. And after a couple of years the company has released a new system update 3.2.1 on 28th March, 2010 which disabled the “install OtherOS” feature for the PS3 consoles.

Now, on Friday Sony and lawyers representing around 10 million PS3 console owners has ended up this with a deal. As per the terms of the accord, all eligible gamers receive $55 if they can prove that they have used Linux on their old fat PS3 (Not the Slim PS3 model, which never supported OtherOS) or if they can prove that they have owned OtherOS on the gaming console.

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The proposed settlement is not yet approved by the California Federal judge. The settlement which will be reviewed shortly by the US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, as the next hearing is scheduled for 2 pm, 19th July in Oakland, California. As of now the plan also claims that the company will be paying $9 to each console owner who purchased a PS3 for “Other OS” functionality. In addition, the settlement also provides $2.25 million in attorneys’ fees for the lawyers who brought this suit.

Eligible gamers who can receive cash payment in this settlement are, “all persons in the United States who purchased a Fat PS3 model in the United States between November 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010.” Well, the record did not mention the total amount this would cost Sony, but it is expected to pay millions of dollars.

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The entertainment company is agreeing to hire the PlayStation network’s email database to inform its customers about the settlement “Additionally, the Notice Program provides for Internet notice via banner ads and search-related advertising on CNET, IGN, and other websites intended to reach the targeted audience based on market research from GfK Mediamark Research, Inc. and comScore.” This also clarifies the use of social media to alert class members about the settlement.


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