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touch bar support for mac

MS Office for Mac gets Touch Bar Support with Outlook integration coming soon

The February updates in Microsoft Office will now enable owners of the Macbook Pro with Touch Bar to work with the LCD strip Apple...
datatraveler ultimate gt 4 launched

Kingston Launches World’s Largest Capacity Flash Drive DataTraveler Ultimate GT

Kingston Digital has finally unveiled its 2TB flash drive DataTraveler Ultimate GT at the Consumer Technology Association (CES 2017). Kingston Digital said that it...
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes while Charging and Damages Macbook

Samsung is performing well at replacing the explosive Galaxy Note 7 devices which are millions in number.  Galaxy Note 7 which was proved safe...
Google's future OS 'Andromeda' for laptop is announcing in October

‘Andromeda’ The New OS from Google Might Get Announced in October

 As per the sources, Google is having the plans and currently working for the Pixel laptop which powered by the new “Andromeda” operating system....
Apple New Macbook

Apple’s New Colourful MacBook with Elegant Design  

Apple had recently rolled out its all new Mac laptop with stunningly thin and attractive colours. The newly released model is the descendant of...

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