Nowadays everything became visual, and it is easy to recognise the idea that appeals the unique point of view. Pinterest announced the launch of its new tool known as ‘Lens’ a visual search tool. It allows the user to take a picture of a real-world object and find the related images and products on the Pinterest website.

It is just like when you’re out for window-shopping you see something fascinating you and you go inside. Pinterest built the tool for open-minded discovery. Sometimes you spot something that looks interesting, but when you try to search for it online, you may forget the words. The colourful image is in your mind, but you can’t translate into words.

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Through the Lens tool, it lets you see the camera in your Pinterest App to discover ideas inspired by the objects to see in the real world. The app uses machine learning to recognise the items. According to the Pinterest, the Lens works better with home decor, food and clothing.

The company also plans to make continual improvements for the app to recognise more new items. The Lens tool was first introduced in last year into Pinterest App and currently available for beta. The company is also rolling out the feature for Android and iOS users over coming weeks.

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Along with Lens tool, Pinterest is also introducing the two new features namely Instant Ideas and Shop the Look. Users can find the objects not only in the real world but from now, and you can do the same thing on the Pinterest through Instant Ideas. If you notice the idea that looks interesting, you can tap on the circle that appears on each pin to instantly unlock the ideas.

Shop the Look feature track down and even buy the products which you saw inside fashion and home decor pins. By just tapping on the circle you can find the styles that you are looking for. Users can also see what others paired with it for more ideas.


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