Have you heard about the Flying cars which featured on popular magazines in 1960’s? PAL-V introduced a Flying car. The company started the pre-ordered sales for its commercial Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport. The PAL-V Liberty is a car that files and plan that drives.

PAL-V Liberty vehicles are the first certified commercial flying cars ever. The three-wheeled vehicle equipped with top-mounted rotor making more like a motor. PAL-V designed Liberty Sport and Liberty Pioneer, a pair of two-person and three-wheelers which is capable of flying at a speed up to 112mph.

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The company commenced the PAL-V Liberty Sport Price which begins from $400,000 (Rs. 2.7 crores) for the base model before taxes. Those who want proper trim and kit can select the Pioneer edition where the PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Price begins from $600,000 (Rs. 4.01 crore).

The Liberty Pioneer edition comes with power heating, at-home training, fancy detailing and electronic flight instrument display instead of an old mechanical option. PAL-V claims that at the end of the year for the production of test and certification craft and delivery of fully certified vehicles will be launched by 2018.

Buyers can no need to pay the full amount up front. Instead of that, the company is asking to deposit a non-refundable $25,000 for the top trim Liberty Pioneer deposit $2,500 escrow which can refund and will keep on the waiting list. and $10,000 for base model Liberty Sport. For those who feel it huge, they can

On the ground, the PAL-V Liberty capable of moving at a top ground speed of 100m/h can go from 0-62m/h in just nine seconds. It has a range of 817miles driving distance and the fuel efficiency of 31m/g. In terms of airborne, it has a top speed of 112mph, but its mileage drops considerably.

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Users have to refuel for every 310 miles while flying but that still enough for jumping from airfield-to-airfield between cities and towns. Both the models of PAL-V Liberty use a pair of engines and retractable motor so that one can use it for flying and other for driving. The first PAL-V Liberty deliveries expected by the end of 2018 in Europe.