Water into Fuel

Griffith University Researchers has found the way to turn water into fuel. We all know fuel is a non-renewable energy. So scientist has invented a way to make fuel as renewable energy. In this process, they split oxygen and hydrogen components by using an altar thin catalyst.

This process is same as how we are generating electricity from solar energy, in the same way they are creating fuel from splitting water components.

Huijin Zhao, Director of Griffith University’s in the department of Centre for Clean Environment and Energy in Australia said the world is facing five major issues for survival they are the environment, food security, water, public health and energy.

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Global warming causes due to the burning of fossil fuels. As a result, much carbon dioxide is created and causes global warming. So to reduce this effect they had found the renewable and hydrogen equal clean energy.

Researchers also opinioned that if we create water from fuel that will be one scientific solution for the future of sustainable energy supplies.

Prof Zhao also said hydrogen would be a promising clean over fuel over petrol in the foreseeable future. Heterogeneous electro catalytic gas evolution reactions hold a key for clean energy and storage technologies, but their efficiencies are severely prevented by high over potentials caused by slow gaseous products detachment from catalyst surface.

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The outcome of the project will provide the sound scientific basis to design and develop high-performance electro catalysts for fuel gas production. The study was published in the journal Nature Energy.


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