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Now Red Dead Revolver Officially Released for PS4, Watch Video and Get Direct Download Link

Since this summer, Xbox One users have been playing Red Dead Redemption. But Sony’s fans have been left out in the cold on PlayStation 4. Now, that’s changing. This game’s progenitor, Red Dead Revolver, is the latest PlayStation 2 port from Rockstar Games to grace PS4.

You don’t have to wait a week for the game to roam over to the US PlayStation Store, similar to the past instances. Usually playing on the PS4 renders you 1080p upscaling, and it also supports for trophies, Shareplay, Remote Play.

Fruit Ninja Mobile Game Heading to the Big-screen

If you still having the PS Vita or uninstalled the PlayStation app from your mobile gizmo, game manuals through your second screen on your choice. This game was released in 2004, and the Red Dead Revolver made by Rockstar’s San Diego team.

Like you, all knew this is a good game have its right, and it was covered by the scale and depth of its sequel. This redemption hasn’t gained more from its first game. It is often forgotten that there was another Red Dead game before it.

Red Dead Revolver is the first ever game in Red Dead series which have been released once again on the PlayStation 4. This isn’t the Red Dead game which has been calling for, but this is the good one to see the original getting some love.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Available in Stores from Nov 10

Red Dead Revolver Action game from the Rockstar Games developers. The Play Station version was released on Released Oct 11, 2016. This violence and bloodshed action game are about 1.8 GB (https://goo.gl/ss5ojm) to download. Red Dead Revolver is available for  $14.99 with file size 1.8GB

Psyonix celebrates Rocket League’s first birthday

Rocket League is celebrating its first birthday this week. Having released a year ago, the vehicle soccer video game attained tremendous popularity and love from the game lovers.

The Physics based vehicle soccer video game was developed and published by American video game development studio Psyonix. The gaming firm had released Rocket league for both Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 platforms on July 7 a year back.

Xbox version of the same was issued on February 17, 2016, while ports for OS X and Linux are set to release this year.

Psyonix: “Rocket League” Earned $110 million in Sales and Sold 5 million Copies

The retail version of the game for Xbox One and PS4 was distributed by 505 Games in the month of June 2016.

Psyonix had released an infographic describing the success of the game in a single image. The developer company says that their game received enormous success purely due to the support by the gamers and DLC content in it.

The infographics released has several interesting facts about 1.1 million average daily players. The game has obtained a milestone of having over 18 million players, with PS4 having an edge among the other two consoles.

The key point or stat one has to notice is the number of eSport spectators watching the game equals 2,728 years worth of matches have been viewed on Twitch. Having got a huge viewer base is very rare, and it would be one of the rare games that will be played and talked about in the coming years.

What is the Rocket League all about?

Psynoix wrote that “Because of your passion and your support, our relatively small follow-up to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars has exceeded our wildest dreams and become something enormous,”

“You have made new friends, crossed platforms into new frontiers, and inspired us in ways you’ll never know (and in other ways, you’ll know very soon). You’ve made incredible saves, scored fantastic goals, and you’ve changed the conversation in the world of competitive esports forever.

ADR1FT Is All Set To Hit The PS4 Gaming Console On 15th July

ADR1FT, the first-person survival game on a damaged space station will be available soon on Sony’s PS4 gaming console. The game is the first one from Three One Zero, a company which was formed by the former Microsoft Xbox team member Adam Orth. Three One Zero’s official website revealed that the PlayStation 4 version of the game is all set for release on Friday July 15, in U.S. and Europe via PSN digital-only. It is also noted that the “immersive First Person Experience (FPX)” game will be made available for $19.99.

Adam Orth, in a post stated that it has been their dream since the beginning to release the game on PS4 and having to finally attain it “feels incredible.” A tweet by Orth on 8th July states the release date - “ADR1FT launches on @PlayStation in North America and Europe July 15th for $19.99.”

According to the PlayStation Lifestyle reports, gamers do not need a PlayStation VR to play ADR1FT. And as a response to a Twitter question, Adam Orth wrote that ADR1FT is a “Regular, non-VR controller-based PS4 game.”

Resident Evil 4 Will Reach PS4 and Xbox One on August 30

Let me give you the description the game - ADR1FT is the story of a Commander Alex Oshima who wakes up floating amongst the wreckage of a destroyed Northstar IV space station with no memory and a badly damaged EVA suit, the survivor fights to determine the cause of the disastrous event which killed the crew on board. Challenges of a player here are to stay alive by exploring the wreckage for special resources and overcome the unkind environment to repair the damaged emergency escape vehicle and finally return home safely.

ADR1FT launch date for the PC platform was postponed earlier so that it would match the release date of Oculus Rift. In February, Three One Zero made an announcement that they had signed a deal with Oculus. And that license permitted gamers to play Adr1ft through Steam using their Oculus Rift VR headset. In addition a HTC Vive version of the game was released in the month of May.

Ustream Support For PS4 Ends in August 2016

Well, ADR1FT is expected to come to the Microsoft’s Xbox One in the month of September, the exact official date of the release has not been announced yet. According to reports the release for Xbox is rumored on September 16. All we can do is wait for the confirmation of the same from the Three Zero One or ADR1FT publisher 505 Games.

Psyonix: “Rocket League” Earned $110 million in Sales and Sold 5 million Copies

Could we imagine that a rocket powered cars playing football make a sale of more than 5 million copies? Psyonix indeed achieved over a $100 million dollars on 5 million DLC packs sold.

Rocket League grabbed the attention of 300, 000 viewers, and within eight months nearly 15 million people have played the game. And by this April more than 5 million active players as it is the first game to offer cross-platform play and more than 5 million copies of Rocket League on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Vice President Jeremy Dunham on explaining

“Over time usually, the player base gets smaller and smaller as more and more DLC is added to the environment because fewer and fewer people are buying those items. Since we only sell cosmetic items and cars we aren’t cutting anyone out of the equation, and that’s why our numbers are going up month after month after month our active player base has been increasing for five months in a row.”

What is the Rocket League all about?

Today, Rocket League wouldn’t be hit without keeping a view on the public imagination. The game developers tell Forbes that their key to the game’s success is that they treat the game as (F2P) free to play. Though the F2P requires constant updates to keep players engaged and that is Psyonix is giving everyone.

The developers always maintain constant communication with their players by taking their needs into consideration. Psyonix applauds its developers and the great community they have built around the game.

Rocket League adds Basketball with Hoops mode scheduled for April 26

Since eight months the original game release, Rocket league is still growing and even introducing painted and certified items. The painting attributes will recolor the entire items to give you pigments. The initial release would be with painted wheels and toppers.

The game developers, CD Projekt RED and Witcher also deliver the same attitude concerning their respective games. The response from those communities is equally more in loyal.

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