Casio EX-FR200

Nowadays, 360-degree cameras are getting popular from GoPro to Samsung Gear to Facebook. Now Casio makes a jump into this with a novel approach. The new Casio EX-FR200 has the unique and modular design where the body of the camera controls two separate lens units. Casio 360 degree camera also comes with the waterproof, impact resistant and freeze-proof.

The camera body of the Casio itself looks similar to a smartphone with the large LCD screen on one side completely.  With the single lens mode, the lens module is attached to the front of the camera body which exists opposite to the screen for the standard shootings. This also stands upright in what the Casio names it is “Selfie Mode.”

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Companies keep on making the 360-degree cameras with thinking that people use them often to share the 360-degree photos or 360-degree videos. Currently, 360-degree photos and videos are available on some social websites like Facebook and the YouTube. So far many companies are releasing the 360-degree cameras, and now Casio is also joined in the list of such companies and unveiled Casio- EX-FR200, which is the next model to the EX-FR10 and EX-FR-100.

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When compared with the other 360-degree cameras from Nikon, Samsung, GoPro, Nico360 and Giroptic, the best thing in EX-FR200 is, it can be detachable. This can be attached to any LCD touchscreen with the control module which is commonly known as Selfie Style by the Casio. This 360-degree camera can be placed anywhere, and you can view on the screen independently over a Bluetooth connection. To capture the 360-degree footage just clip the two lens back to back.


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