Indian Railways is all set to launch a new mobile app which is a travel-related service. This app will be helpful in making the train journeys pleasant and hassle free from common problems that arise during the travel.

Railway officials have stated that the new launch of the mobile app will integrate all the information about travel and travel-related services. Such services include hiring taxis, porters, booking retiring rooms and lounges at stations across the country.

The app mainly aims to provide one stop solution for various services provided by Indian Railways at present. It also can be used for booking tickets apart from the regular IRCTC app. Apart from booking tickets, the new app also enables the traveler to order food from a favorite restaurant near-by or even finding hotel rooms of choice which are outside the railway stations.

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This new mobile app is likely to be launched early 2017. Required ground work for launching this app is under-way as per a senior Railway Ministry official. He also added that till date such a multi-purpose app is not launched or available by the Indian Railways officially.

The sources say that the new app is the integration of nearly 17 services. Booking a porter, wheelchair, taxi, lounges, bedrolls inside the Railway stations will be made easy through the launch of this app.

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Railway app that offers multiple services will be helpful to more than two crore passengers who travel on about 11,000 passenger trains per day across 7000 stations in the country.
The Wi-Fi services that are introduced in the Railway Stations can be fully utilized for availing such apps usage. In the future, the Indian Railways has a bright aspect of making the abroad level comforts for almost all the passengers that travel on trains.


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