Your travel is made easy, as you can book an Uber cab on IRCTC App/Website. The American taxi service Uber has now integrated its services with Indian Railways for ferrying the passengers to pick and drop to their destinations. The IRCTC is the biggest e-commerce portal, which generates an annual revenue of $ 3 billion.

The passengers are facilitated to book an Uber cab for the reach of the railway station, or they can use the Uber services to reach their destinations soon after when they get down from the train.

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This deeply integrated partnership with Indian Railways is believed that an additional revenue of Rs 150 crores can be acquired by Indian Railways in the form of service charge or commission said by various analysts. Uber is in talks for leasing the space for their vehicles parking. It also plans to enable direct booking of Uber cabs from these points.

The direct booking can be made at the Uber Kiosks at the Railway Stations for reaching their destination. Soon this partnership will be finalized to form an association, as the discussions are still on their way. Uber has not revealed about the integrating of its services with IRCTC officially.

But, an unnamed top-level Railway Board Official said that “We are seriously considering this proposal and a decision could be taken soon. The revenue model with Uber is yet to be finalized. ”

The Uber possible partnership with Indian Railways can be said as the countermove against Ola cab services. Apart from this, the Uber can create an interruption to the mushroomed local cabs and Auto driver’s networks.

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Earlier, interestingly the Uber has associated its partnership with American Airlines in the United States facilitating the passengers to book Uber across 11 Airports through kiosks.

The main question is, can Uber provide the vehicles to all the main floating Railway, if so to what price rates? Can the reduced rates match to the Auto fares?


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