In India, festival season has started. Especially now, the festival of Goddess Durga has started. This festival is in the news as many new things will be bought as per the sentiments established among the public.

Tripura is in the news for ornaments and other decorations that is attracting throngs locally. Chattrabandu Club Puja Organising Committee secretary Ashok Ghosh has said that this is the most expensive puja that is being performed and hence the attraction at a greater level.

Ghosh stated that nearly 4-core worth gold ornaments have been decorated for the goddess idol. Entire ornaments are 22-carat gold plated and the American diamonds placed. A reputed jewellery mall in Kolkatta has donated the ornaments for the goddess.

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He also added that around Rs.65-lakh to Rs.70-lakh expenses are being born by the committee for performing this puja.

In addition to this, many devotees have voluntarily donated for the expenses. A camera surveillance has been arranged for the premises for security reasons. Apart from secret cameras, Security personnel are also hired till the festival end.

The structure and resemblance are arranged similar to the Vellore’s Lakshmi-Narayana temple of Tamil Nadu state. The specialty of that temple is that the god ideals are made up of fiber glass.

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Tripura, Capital city of Assam is celebrating first time in the history in such a grand manner. The craftsmanship has attracted many visitors and devotees for the spot. Children and women especially are visiting the goddess again and again to see the beauty of the goddess decorated with variety of jewelry and diamonds. wishes all our viewers and readers a “HAPPY DUSSHERA”.


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