Why not taking up water to get around when our streets have become too congested? Sea Bubbles, a startup which aims to revolutionize waterborne with fleets of sleek. A hydrofoil equipped design ferry makes city travel more convenient, sustainable and leisure.

Alain Thebault, a sailor and Anders Bringdal, a windsurfer by professions, where the men behind the idea of futuristic water taxis. They started the company seven months ago and had already raised half a million and proceeding with a goal to reach 1 million more by next year. SeaBubbles is working with an aim to have more than a dozen of vessels in the River Seine in Paris by summer 2017.

“We have cities stuck in traffic jams, there’s pollution everywhere, and we’ve got something that could help this. We have a boat that is green, it leaves no noise, it leaves no waves,” says, Bringdal at a Manhattan club last week.

Uber enters Water Transportation with ‘UberBOAT’

The electric-powered SeaBubbles are built by using fiberglass and high-density foam along with linen interiors. The shuttle can transport up to 5 passengers excluding the driver. Specially designed docks were installed on primary locations which serve as charging stations. The shuttle travels as fast as 30mph in water as users can hail the taxi service by using an app just like Uber.

The founders accept that they have to start small fleets by selling for corporate use or island resorts before stepping into service in cities like Paris or New York.


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