MobiKwik has introduced Lite wallet app for providing 2G internet connections in poor connectivity regions. This app is very lite, and its size is under 1 MB. The main aim of launching this app is to provide internet connections in slow Internet areas.

This MobiKwik Lite Wallet app is optimized to work smoothly on 2G edge connections. It is meant for unorganized shopkeepers and retailers to start quickly accepting payment wallets. In our country they are many rural regions which don’t support for internet connection. This app is used in such areas.

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As an effect of demonetization every payment is going on cashless but what about the rural areas which have no proper internet connection. So, they have launched this MobiKwik Lite Wallet app. Any person who wants to download can give missed call to 80971-80971 from any Android smartphone, then immediately they will receive the app link. It will download in less than 30 seconds time even on 2G/EDGE connection.

Bipin Preet Singh, the co-founder of mobiKwik, said “In our country, many people don’t access digital payments due to poor internet connections. So we have launched this Lite e-wallet app, it is available in all major Indian languages, and it also works with any internet connectivity.

This app is compatible with Android v2.3 and IOS. By this app, you can receive payments, bank transfer, P2P transfer, bill payments and recharge. As they said, it also works on offline. It works on EDGE connections and in slower connections to make digital payments easily.

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Features in MobiKwik Lite wallet app

  • It is just under 1 MB size
  • Download with 1 missed call
  • Single step OTP login and does not require any email id
  • It is compatible with Android v 2.3 and above
  • It has English and Hindi user interface
  • It supports receive payment, bank transfer, P2P transfer, bill payments and recharges