Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E concept car was showcased at the International Motor show event held last year in Frankfurt. Now the company has serious about rolling out their fully electric car to the world.

As per the reports, this Volkswagen’s subsidiary is targeting to sell around 20000 Mission E models in few years since the release of this car. It is going to give some serious and tough competition for Tesla.

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According to the sources, Porsche is having the plans for their first fully electric car. Porsche is famous for its high-performance sports cars, Sedans and SUVs. Now they have come up with the doubling their efforts to release the Mission E by the year 2020.

Porsche Mission E Charge

Of course, this new car from German automaker has yet to release the features of this car officially, but it is going to give the serious competition for Tesla Motors. The company has given a glimpse regarding what the customers can expect in coming four years.

Porsche Mission E Car is sported with advanced lithium-ion battery, and it is extending the full length on bottom of the car. The batter can be charged in two different ways. The first method is by connecting with the hidden port at front guard to a conventional charging station using a cable. The second method is with the inductive charging.

Porsche Mission E Side View

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Porsche’s featured model is an all-wheel-drive with two motors capable of unleashing 600 hp. With the complete and full charge of the battery, Mission-E can last up to 310 miles. This is pretty impressive and as you all knew Tesla Model S gives 270 miles per single charge. The best and interesting thing about the Porsche Model is, you can drive up to 250 miles with just 15 minutes of charging. Porsche plans for their Mission E car and the company comes with creating more than 1,400 jobs as part of its efforts for bringing the zero-emission model to consumers. These 1400 job vacancies comprise with 900 as the production staff, 300 workers and 200 engineers.

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