Microsoft releases the New Management tool called “Planner” which helps in organising the effective teamwork with it. With the help of Planner, the users can get organised quickly, and this is easy to use.  With one simple click on the Office 365 app, the users can launch the Planner and perform the several functions in the Planner. The planner helps in creating the new plans, build a team, assign the new tasks to the team members and update the status with the simple and easy steps.

The organisation of the work is done visually in the Planner. Each plan has its priority and owns board where the users can consolidate the tasks into buckets. You can even also categorise the tasks based on their status and to whom the task is assigned.

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Microsoft isn’t doing anything particular; it is using the established concept of digital whiteboard plastered with the notes. The users use to track the projects and communicate the progress, and they can even also attach the files.

With this management tool, the employees and the team leaders can work together effortlessly. On using the Planner, the members never miss a small thing. The members who were on the groups will get the email notifications and the alerts. There will be no chance of missing the things with the Planner.  This tool works across all the devices, and the progress can be seen at a glance with the charts given in the development menu. The team is making the enough progress or not is quickly assessed.

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Microsoft is trying to make better communication between the business and the small teams to work and track the status effectively. The planner was released as the part of Office 365. The planner is the project management tool which is much similar to the Asana and Trello.  The planner is capable of integrating with other Microsoft products like OneNote and Outlook.


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