Nowadays running on more than one computer operating system is a breeze.  The problem while running more than one operating systems on one machine is Bluetooth pairing.  If you own a Bluetooth device, every time you switch the OS and you have to pair again. This becomes incredibly tedious.

Logitech announces a product that alleviates the pain-point called M720 Triathlon Multi-mouse device, M220 and M330 Plus Silent mice. It allows easy switching between up to three computers or operating systems. It was specially designed for the people who switch between multi operating systems and screens.

If you are a user that’s very keen with mechanical noise produced by the mouse, Logitech has a solution for you. It unveils the latest M220 and M330 Plus, a professionally designed to reduce the noise production than the traditional mouse devices without effecting the performance and functions. The Logitech M220 wireless mouse features an 18-month battery life while M330 Plus got up to a 24-month battery life.

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The Logitech M330 Plus will be available from this September for $29.99 and M220 Silent will be available this October with price tag of $24.99. The Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-mouse device is available at $70 as of priced today.

The M720 Triathlon Multi-mouse device features dual connectivity, can connect to the devices through the Bluetooth Smart Wireless technology or the “Logitech Unifying Receiver”. It has a hyper-fast scroll wheel and durable design. It has a full-sized sculpted shape that comfortably fits in the hand.

Logitech M720 Triathlon supports Windows, Mac, Android and Chrome OS, but omits the traditional Linux desktop operating system. The company produces Logitech K480 previously, a similar multi-mouse device that works fine on traditional distros.

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It is interesting that the device connects either with Bluetooth device or USB dongle. It will also allow it to work with computers even without Bluetooth facilities, such as desktops and older laptops. The Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-device is not rechargeable, instead of using an AA battery. Logitech claims two years of usage on that little battery.