Acer revealed many PC’s, laptops, minicomputers, monitors, and pet accessories at IFA 2016 event in Germany. The new releases include its Swift and Spin series comprises of many ultra-thin laptops. The company also released its first ever Predator laptop with a curved display and a tiny Core i7 powered desktop.  The new beast Predator 21 X gaming laptop, which would be the first of its kind to sport a curved screen. The Swift 7 laptop noted to be the thinnest in the world which can be measured lesser than a centimeter.

Several TVs already have the feature of curved displays, but it is proved that the feature is at odds as it has the either way of disadvantages and benefits over the flat-panel technology. Acer believed the transformation should deeply engage in working to play video games on the machine. The company also announced its acquisition of a pet technology start-up at the IFA 2016 event.

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Several other electronics giants including Lenovo, Samsung, DJI, Huawei and Sony are set to announce their new releases in the IFA technology show in Berlin. The predator laptop’s screen is larger than the norm which measures about 21 inches (53.3cm) claiming the world’s first.

“The curvature of the display matches the natural curve of the eyes and gives a wider field of view, This allows people to in-game pick-up details, like spotting enemies or looking in the rear view mirror in racing games, more easily to give a better, more immersive gaming experience.” Says, Acer Europe’s John Miedema.

These curved screens technology first appeared in TVs about three years ago and is being used in cinemas. Other consumer electronics manufacturers have experimented and left the idea of the curvy look. In particular, Samsung has been an active promoter of the technology with two high-end televisions in a curved design.

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“Curved screens are great if you are in exactly the right position and equidistant from the various points of the display, but as soon as you are not in the ideal place you get distortions of the image and glare,” said David Mercer, from the consultants Strategy Analytics.

This might be a bit problematic with TV sets when more than one person watches at a time. But it creates a high impact and enhances the experience for a single user on a laptop.


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