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Logitech Launches K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard at Rs 1,995

Logitech Launches K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

Imagine a computer keyboard with well-built and comfortable typing and the same working with your phone and tablet also. The Company Logitech has launched the K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard for all screens you use at the desk. It will go on sale with a retail price of Rs 1,995.

The Logitech K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is a full-size computer keyboard comes along with a rubber stand for smartphones or tablets. As the name implies, it allows the user to switch between multiple devices at a time up to three devices whenever required.

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The company claimed that this device could pair with several devices and helps the users to stay connected with preferable devices and platforms. In addition to switching between devices, the K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard comes with a stand. It helps the user to their mobile at right typing angle for fast typing, smoother and convenient.

K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is an OS-adaptive and layout is familiar whether using a Windows PC, iPhone or Android. It also features a wireless range of 33 feet and wireless encryption between keyboard and computer.

It embedded with two options namely a tiny Logitech Unifying USB receiver and the Bluetooth Smart Technology to pair the devices. The K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard comes with the non-removable battery that lasts for two years as the company claims.

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“The K375s Multi-Device lets you quickly switch between devices with the push of a button. You can start typing on your computer and finish an email message on your tablet or create a text on your phone with just one key. The full-size layout and special function keys provide a quiet and comfortable typing experience in a spill-resistant design,” Logitech said.

Logitech has made the K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Stand Combo available to purchase from 26th December 2016 at Logitech.com.


Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam with HD 1080P and Live Streaming launched

Logitech c922 pro webcam

Logitech has released their latest webcam namely Logitech C922 Pro Stream in the market. Earlier Logitech C920 is the webcam which kept its mark nearly for five years. The rectangular physical design of the webcam is great in looks.

This stands on the user’s computer or used by the mid and high-level YouTubers and gamers. Now Logitech has released new C922, its first and latest webcam so far in this year.

This new C922 webcam was unveiled at today at TwitchCon in San Diego. This C922 has the new features, and in looks, it is similar to the C920.

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The main feature in this webcam is background removal. This is featured with the lynchpin of Razer’s upcoming RealSense-powered camera.

So this can isolate the background screen, actually without this feature the entire setup is costly, and it will save around at least $50. This will save the investment for the setup.
Logitech’s C922 webcam comes with a tripod.


This is required for those who are in need of serious streamers. This gives true-to-life HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second (fps) or 720p at 60fps Video output. It has the Dynamic background replacement software which is powered by Personify. The users who buy this webcam will get the 3-month XSplit recording and streaming premium license.

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The price of the C922 Pro Stream is now available for $99 on the official website which is approximately around Rs. 6500.00/- For more information, you can visit the Logitech Official Portal or Blog.

Logitech unveils M720 Triathlon Multi Device Mouse to Pair with Three Devices

M720 Triathlon Multi Device Mouse

Nowadays running on more than one computer operating system is a breeze.  The problem while running more than one operating systems on one machine is Bluetooth pairing.  If you own a Bluetooth device, every time you switch the OS and you have to pair again. This becomes incredibly tedious.

Logitech announces a product that alleviates the pain-point called M720 Triathlon Multi-mouse device, M220 and M330 Plus Silent mice. It allows easy switching between up to three computers or operating systems. It was specially designed for the people who switch between multi operating systems and screens.

If you are a user that’s very keen with mechanical noise produced by the mouse, Logitech has a solution for you. It unveils the latest M220 and M330 Plus, a professionally designed to reduce the noise production than the traditional mouse devices without effecting the performance and functions. The Logitech M220 wireless mouse features an 18-month battery life while M330 Plus got up to a 24-month battery life.

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The Logitech M330 Plus will be available from this September for $29.99 and M220 Silent will be available this October with price tag of $24.99. The Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-mouse device is available at $70 as of priced today.


The M720 Triathlon Multi-mouse device features dual connectivity, can connect to the devices through the Bluetooth Smart Wireless technology or the “Logitech Unifying Receiver”. It has a hyper-fast scroll wheel and durable design. It has a full-sized sculpted shape that comfortably fits in the hand.

Logitech M720 Triathlon supports Windows, Mac, Android and Chrome OS, but omits the traditional Linux desktop operating system. The company produces Logitech K480 previously, a similar multi-mouse device that works fine on traditional distros.

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It is interesting that the device connects either with Bluetooth device or USB dongle. It will also allow it to work with computers even without Bluetooth facilities, such as desktops and older laptops. The Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-device is not rechargeable, instead of using an AA battery. Logitech claims two years of usage on that little battery.

Logi ZeroTouch Gives You the Best Features of a Connected Car


Logitech had unveiled its smartphone mount called Zerotouch which is accompanied by a mobile app. The latest product of the company enables to control your android mobile without touching it.

Using a smartphone while driving a car may endanger one’s life.Even though knowing this fact many of us would still 26% of people were doing the same. The new generation cars come up with hands-free controlling of your smartphone but what about the older ones. Everyone can’t afford a new car for such feature.

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The Swiss company had found a better solution by their new product Zerotouch. It comes with two metal vents, a magnetic strip and an android application. Where the vent allows your phone to mount on the dashboard of the car. The magnetic strip should be placed on the back panel of the smartphone which would make the phone attach to the vent automatically.

As the device is software enabled, it will instantly launch the Android application as soon as the phone is mounted. You can now control the phone by your gestures and voice while driving. The device gives the user various options like text-to-speech and speech to text.

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Users can make/receive calls simply by giving vocal commands & can share their current location without touching the phone. The receiver doesn’t require installing this app for receiving the data.

Zerotouch also works with third-party like Spotify, Google Maps WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. The current Bluetooth enabled device works with Android phones only and the company is looking forward to developing the same for the IOS users.It is available in three different colours.

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Logitech had paired up with Auto mobile Association of America for making this smart device into reality. During a press release Darrell, Logitech president and CEO, said that “As we look for ways to design products that are thoughtful solutions to human needs, we realised there was an opportunity to turn any car into a connected car.”

The colourful smart device from Logitech is extremely compact and can be carried easily. It comes in two different modes, the Air vent mount costing $60 and the other a dashboard coming for $80.Currently launched & available in Germany soon its sale would extend to all the parts of the world.

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