Christmas is around the corner. It is less than a week for the arrival of the festival day. People across the globe is eagerly waiting for the Santa Claus and wondering about the gifts he is going to bring.

Tech Giant Google has rolled out a new Santa Tracker app which releases annually. This will help you in locating the Santa wherever he goes on this Christmas. This app also provide games for the children, and they are engaged towards raising the Christmas cheerfulness.

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Santa Tracker is an Android application where you can get it from the Google Play. This app will make you play as one of Santa helpers. The users who are using this application can able to locate the Santa on the app and in which places he would visit.

Google is going to present the new game every day until Christmas, and there are many other things to find out in Santa’s Village. On using the educator web page, teachers can teach their children with the educational games as well as a lesion on this day. So children can learn and celebrate the festival as well. The official countdown time will be started when the Santa Claus begins his journey. There are many things for learning in this game.

In this, there will be basic programming for learning trivia about various countries. You can also have more fun on using this app; you can see elves dancing and also teaches you saying Happy New Year in Elvish. Google has unveiled this app which will use the geo-location and allows the user to travel to the places in the real world. The users can recover the lost presents left by Santa Claus.

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As per the sources, this application is integrated with the Google’s Assistant Software. This will respond to you will the hilarious Christmas jokes when you asked about where exactly Santa Claus is.

The users who are not having the app can ask about Santa to Google Assistant and it will navigate you to the official page of the Tracker app. In case if it is not redirected it will take you to the Wikipedia page of Santa Claus. Reports saying that Santa Tracker application has associated with the with the motto to bring kids and charities together across the world.