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SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank complete Details about the Revised Charges April 1 2017

People of India have successfully overcome the currency problems during the demonetization. But it seems like they will be facing new issues from 1st of April. Banks in the country are preparing to serve charges on the people of India. Major banks like SBI, ICICI, and HDFC have decided to charge their customers more from April.

According to the bank sources, the revised charges are meant only to encourage digital transactions and lessen the cash transactions. Reports say that banks have lost their income during the demonetization, so they are implementing such measures to get out of those loses.

Revised bank charges are categorized and listed below:

State Bank of India

  • SBI savings account users can deposit cash thrice a month in their accounts for free and the fourth deposit in the month would charge Rs 50 per cash load. The service charge would be extra for each of them.
  • Current account holders with Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of 10,000 can deposit up to 25000 cash at free of cost. Beyond the limit, 75 ps + service tax will be imposed.
  • Another rule is that all the State Bank of India account holders will also have to keep a minimum balance in their accounts.
  • For metropolitan cities, if the balance falls below 75 per cent of the prescribed minimum available balance of Rs 5,000 then Rs 100 plus service tax is charged. If the shortfall is 50 percent or less, the bank will charge Rs 50 plus service tax.
  • No charge up to three transactions from other bank ATMs, for the fourth transaction in a single month Rs 20 will be deducted. The transaction limit number within SBI ATM is five and sixth withdrawal in the month would be costing Rs 10
  • SMS alerts will be charged Rs 15 per quarter from debit card holders having an average quarterly balance of up to Rs 25,000 during the three months. There will be no charge for UPI/USSD transactions of up to Rs 1,000.
  • https://www.sbi.co.in/portal/documents/28392/54637/SBI+site+upload-Service+Charges-2017.pdf/9232eba4-f332-4155-a13d-88428281bac8


  • No charge would be levied on first four transactions at home branches in a single month. After that, every transaction would cost Rs 150.
  • Third party transfer is limited to Rs 50,000 per day.
  • A free transaction will be charge free per calendar month, and the next transactions would cost Rs 5 per Rs 1,000 thereafter subject to a minimum of Rs 150.
  • Cash deposit machines would accept first cash deposit per month at free of charge after that ICICI bank would deduct Rs 5 per Rs 1,000
  • https://www.icicibank.com/service-charges/service-charges.page


  • HDFC Bank would charge Rs 150 per transaction, after the allotted limit of 4 transactions per month.
  • The revised charges and rules shall be applied to savings accounts as well as salary accounts.
  • HDFC home-branch transactions up to Rs 2 lakh would be free of cost per single day. Beyond this, Rs 5 will be charged per Rs 1,000, or Rs 150.
  • NonHome transactions above Rs 25,000 per day will attract a charge of Rs 5 per Rs 1,000, or Rs 150
  • https://www.hdfcbank.com/assets/pdf/FEES_AND_CHARGES.pdf

Axis Bank

  • Axis bank account holders can enjoy five Free deposits and withdrawals per month beyond that Rs 95 will be charged per each transaction.
  • The bank allows five free non-home branch transactions per day with, maximum deposit of Rs 50,000.
  • For the sixth transaction or deposit exceeding Rs 50,000, the Axis bank would charge Rs 2.50 per Rs 1,000, or Rs 95 per transaction, whichever is higher.
  • https://web2.axisbank.com/FeesAndChargeMaster/FeesAndCharges.aspx

Demonetization a phase in the history of India had been successfully carried out by the government with the support of the people. Common people of India have faced many problems, but they bear it for the cause of good. As per the public opinion, these extra charges might receive massive opposing from all sections of people.

According to the latest reports Govt of India had asked all the Banks to reconsider the decision of levying the charges which would be a burden to the common people. We will update the latest happening around this issue. Stay tuned to this space for more updates

HDFC Bank Deploys Robots for Customer Service

HDFC Bank deploys a robot inside their branch to serve customer needs. This interactive humanoid, christened as IRA or Intelligent Robotic Assistant can greet customers, and then offers the list of banking services which the customer can get avail inside that branch.

This Intelligent Robotic Assistant has been deployed in HDFC Kamala Mills Branch Mumbai. Reports say this interactive humanoid can guide the customer towards these banking operations: Foreign Exchange, Cash Deposit, Loans. The robot will take the customer to that particular counter when he/she selects to ‘Take Me There’ option. The process also saves time and human resources as well.

HDFC Bank Onchat is now active on Facebook Messenger to Pay Bills

“We’re excited to announce the deployment of our first humanoid, IRA in the Kamala Mills branch. IRA is unique and will serve as a technology demonstrator in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics,” Says, Nitin Chugh, Country Head, Digital Banking, HDFC Bank.

As per the reports, HDFC is working on automation since last year. As a result, interactive humanoid under their Project AI is now in the banking sector. The robot will be equipped with facial recognition technology for detecting customers in the next phase. It is also expected these AI robots will offer customized services in coming phases.

Thus HDFC removed 4,581 jobs between September and December and justified as attributes improved efficiency as one of the reasons.

HDFC Banks will soon have a Robot Receptionist

“The drop in headcount has primarily been a result of the combination of natural attrition and a hiring at a clip lower than normal made possible by achieving higher productivity and efficiencies over the last few months,” HDFC mentioned in a statement.

On the other hand, HDFC witnessed their slowest profit growth as their pace slowed down to 15 percent. However, HDFC Bank claims that termination of employees will not affect the slow profit growth. As of now, it is quite a tough task to analyze introducing these interactive humanoids may lead to job loss or not.

Lenovo Z2 Plus Sale Comes with Exciting Offers on Amazon

We are sure that you will remember that Lenovo has rebranded their smartphone model ZUK Z2 as Z2 Plus for India in previous week. Lenovo Z2 Plus will go live for sale from midnight on 26th September 2016. To gain maximum sales, company has announced some exciting offers on purchase of this smartphone.

The period for buying this phone is until October 3, 2016. Offers can be availed during Z2 Plus sale are listed here.

Yatra.com Offers 15,000 Yatra eCash on Registered E-mail ID

The customers who buy Lenovo Z2 Plus between 26th September 2016 and 3rd, October 2016 are eligible for this offer. The promo code worth 15,000 promotional Yatra eCash will be shared with the customer on or before 30th November 2016. This new Promotional code will be shared to the registered email IDs only. So, before buying this smartphone make sure that you have registered your email ID on the Amazon.in for availing this eligible offer.

If you have any further queries click here for more details

Each customer can avail this offer only once during the offer period.

Lenovo has announced the Launch of Lenovo Z2 Plus Smartphone on 22nd September 2016 in India

Download the Kindle App and sign in to get the 80% off on Kindle eBooks.

On downloading the Kindle App and sign in to get the 80% off on Kindle eBooks up to a maximum of Rs 500 on the app.  This promotional offer is brought to you by AAPHPL (“Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited”) the users who purchase Lenovo Z2 Plus phone on the Amazon.in from September 26, 2016, till October 3, 2023 (both dates inclusive) can get the 80% off on the Kindle price of the eBooks. The maximum amount of the price that the user can avail is up to Rs.500/-. This is the Kindle Store credit, so the purchases of the eBooks up to 80% and the maximum of Rs.300 credit on the Kindle.

This is the limited offer, and the promotional credits will get expire on January 31, 2017.

This offer is limited to one per the device, and promotional credits will be allocated proportionally to the qualifying items in your respective order.

This promotional credit is non-transferable, not exchangeable or redeemable for cash or other goods or services. This cannot be clubbed with any other products or orders and the special offers.

Amazon has the rights to alter or amend or foreclose this offer at any time without the prior notice.

Everything You Need to Know About Lenovo Moto Z Mods

The offer gets invalid on the user is violating the terms and conditions.

The users who are being the part of this offer will be considered that they have to accept the terms and conditions.

Steps to redeem the Promotional Credits:

  1. Download the Kindle Application on your Lenovo Z2 Plus phone from Google Play Store.
  2. The user has to sign in to the Kindle app, then the promotional credit of INR 500 or INR 300 will be received. The users will receive am email notification once the promotional credits are sent to your Amazon account.
  3. To use these credits, Pick any eBook from the collection of 3 Million and click on Buy Now.
  4. During the payment page, choose the valid payment method to proceed. Once you enter the prior payment mode, click on proceed to payment.
  5. Click on the Apply button you could able to see the message “Your credit was applied successfully.”
  6. Click on Place Order and your order will get placed and also you get 80% discount on the Kindle and the price is subjected to get the maximum discount of INR 500 or INR 300.
  7. The balance of the promotional credit will get expire on January 31, 2017.

Get the additional data of 9GB on the purchase of 1GB from Vodafone with the Lenovo Z2 Plus.

Vodafone India now offers the promotional offer for the users who buys the Lenovo Z2 Plus smartphone.  The eligible subscriber is a valid subscriber who purchases the new 4G Handset during this promotional offer period. The user has to insert the Vodafone India SIM, and he has to be active on the 4G data pack or on a 3G data pack which is more than or equal to 1GB in 4G/3G Circles.

  1. The type of the circles who are on the new 4G Handsets of any manufacturers are eligible subscribers for this offer.
  2. In the 4G Circles, the user gets 4G data of 9GB when he subscribes with 1GB or the above tariffs.
  3. The users who were on the 3G Circles are also eligible to avail 9GB 3G data, if they do the sub recharges with 1GB or above plans only in the nights from 12 AM till 6 am. The usage has to be done on the 4G handset only.

Vodafone India has the right to extend this plan or cancel, discontinue, withdraw, change, postpone, alter or modify the terms and conditions of this offer.

Lenovo Vibe P2 And Lenovo A Plus Unveiled: Check out Specs,Features and Price

This offer is currently available for the new 4G handset model Lenovo Z2 Plus. The offer period runs between the dates 15th Sept 2016 and 31st Dec 2016. The above mentioned both days are inclusive.

Additional HDFC Debit Cards 5% cashback

The customers who are purchasing this new phone can avail this offer. The offer is all about the 5% cashback on purchase of this phone on the Amazon.in either on the mobile app or the website or mobile site.

The cashback can be availed in the form of reward points. The successful single transaction is the net of the refunds on the HDFC debit cards on the purchases of Rs. 5000/- or above. The orders which are canceled are not eligible for this cashback and offer. The maximum cashback that the customer can avail 500 per month.

The users have no special process to avail this offer. Just make the transaction with the value of 5000 or above using your HDFC bank debit cards. Just proceed with the normal payment as you do on the normal purchase process. The users are eligible for this offer during the offer period between 1st July 2016 and 31st March 2017. These both days are inclusive.

The users get the cashback points to their debit card account 90 days after the end of the every calendar month. The users are not eligible for the payments on the time of delivery and the net banking transactions.

Lenovo Launches K6, K6 power, and K6 Note Smartphones at IFA 2016

Get the Chrono Case for Z2 Plus worth Rs 1,299 for Rs 999.

The users who are purchasing the for Lenovo Z2 Plus have the chance to get the Chrono Case for less price which is worth of Rs 1,299. The buyers can avail this for Rs.999.00.

Make sure that this offer period is valid till 11:59:59 pm on October 3, 2016.

Buy Lenovo Z2 Plus from Amazon App and stand a chance to get 100% cashback

This is another exciting offer, the users who purchase this Lenovo Z2 Plus from the Amazon app, and they can be the part of this offer. They stand a chance to get the 100% cashback, and 15 lucky customers will get the 100% cashback in the form of Amazon gift card.

This offer is only applicable for the purchases done through the Amazon App between 26th and 27th, September 2016. Each customer is eligible for availing this offer only for one time during the offer period.

The above are the Offers that user can avail during the sale.  The product link for the Lenovo Z2 Plus is given below, and you can visit the available link for the Amazon.in website.

HDFC Banks will soon have a Robot Receptionist

You may be in pleasant surprise the next time you visit the HDFC Bank over the next few weeks. India’s second largest bank HDFC has decided to launch the humanoids that may soon greet the visitors to the bank branches.

HDFC Bank is all set to deploy its first product of ‘Project AI (Artificial Intelligence) robots’. As per the reports, HDFC plans to implement its first robot will roll out in one of its branches in Mumbai, where dealing with senior citizens is less.

More Than 1000 Dancing Robots in China Set a New Guinness World Record

This project is inspired by the same initiatives taken by Bank of Tokyo in Mitsubishi and Mizuho Bank. Last year, Bank of Tokyo had launched humanoid named ‘Nao’ (1.11 feet) and Mizuho Bank’s ‘Pepper’ (121 cms tall), a robot present to help the customers.

The primary functions of the robot that is going to deploy in HDFC Bank will be a limited roll instead of other robots like Pepper and Nao. It has better features where it can analyze customer behaviour and provide the services accordingly and will mostly act as a receptionist.

The robot will greet a person entering the bank which options such as deposit or cash withdrawal, Demat services, and fixed deposits which will display on its screen. Once the customer selects the required option, a layout of the branch will appear on the screen with ‘Take me there’ option.

‘EMMA world’s first robot therapist developed by Singaporean researcher

The bank is currently looking into banking newer technologies like facial recognition and voice recognition to improve the security of the robots and consumers. The name of the robot is not being finalized yet, based on the experience, the project may be scaled up to remaining branches. If this project is successful, we may see other banks with humanoids facility in future. As per the reports of Citi Bank, around 30% of all bank jobs would be terminated due to increased automation in various banking services.

LeEco Super3 4K TVs Launched in India: Price, Specs and Availability

Chinese electronic manufacturer LeEco, which is making its mark in the Indian smartphone market, had stepped up a further. Today the tech giant had launched three 4K LED television sets in India. The launch took place at an event in New Delhi which was presided by Atul Jain, COO, LeEco India.

LeEco named them as Super TVs which was very apt since they are built with some exciting features. Speaking at the Event, Atul Jain said that with the launch of these TVs, LeEco had led the Industry into the next era with their open-loop connected ecosystem. The three flagship televisions that launched by the Chinese company are Super3 Max65, Super3 X65 and Super3 X55. The company is saying that these are the fastest TVs in the market today.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S and Redmi 3S Prime launched in India

Talking about the design, all the three high-end models are of metal body accompanied by narrowest bezels. They look very slim, and they run on eUI 5.5 TV Springer Operating System which is based on Android 5.0 Similar to the offer given for the Flagship Smartphones LeEco is offering LeEcosystem Membership worth Rs. 4900 per year for free to all the three models for two years.

The membership includes 2000+ movies, 100+ channels and over 3.5 million songs to all the customers who own these Super TVs.The company mentioned that all the LeEco TVs sold in India would have a panel warranty of 4 years along with two years of the product warranty.

Super3 X55 :

Coming to the cheapest model (regarding price) among the three the Super3 X55, a 55-inch LED TV that has 4K Ultra HD Display. It is equipped with a Mace Pro 4 image engine and is powered by a 1.4 GHz Quad Core processor.It has a Mali T760 GPU for high graphics and isbuilt with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. Talking about the connectivity features, it has an 802.11 dual Wi-Fi option along with Bluetooth V4.0.The super TV is assisted with three HDMI ports & two USB 3.0 ports.

Super3 X55 comes with a 2.1 stereo 20W speakers that support Dolby audio and DTS surround sound which ensures theatre experience for the viewers. The 4K Ultra HD panel on the TV comes with cool features like 85 percent wide NTSC colour gamut, low latency process, Periodic Pattern Boundary Blur Enhancement, and detail optimisation. Super3 X55 is priced at Rs.59790 only.

LeECo’s Big Guns Le Max2, Le 2 Unveiled in India

Super3 X65 :

The Super3 X65 comes with a larger 65-inch panel and also has a 3G RAM which is more than Super3 X65. The storage capacity of this Super TV is 16GB which is double than that of the earlier one. Other than these three features all other specifications are quite similar to X55. The Super3 X65 is priced at Rs.99790.

Super3 MAX65 :

Super3 Max65, the superior model of the three, is a 65-inch with 4K Ultra HD TV, unlike the other two models it comes with a 3D display. Besides the 3Dimension capability, Max65 sports a professional Novatek FRP chip.

Under the hood, it is powered with a 3GB RAM and 16GB Internal storage capacity. The high-end model varies from other two regarding the sound quality as it is equipped with 40W speakers whereas both X55 and X65 comes with 20W speakers. The cost of MAX65 is also high like its features. It is priced at Rs.1,49,790/-

The LeEco Super TVs will be available on both Flipkart and Lemall.com (Official website). The sale will be commencing from 10th August and would End on 12th.An extra discount of Rs. 5000 is offered for HDFC Bank Credit card holders.

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