We all know that Google Snoops into our search history but beyond our imagination even our voice search history is also recorded by the search engine company. Yes, you hear it right; the search engine giant is keeping all the personal data of its users like storing web searches, voice search and YouTube history in a well-organised manner.

The website which the firm used to store all these data is similar to a digital library. The good news here is its access is only limited to the owner of the data and others can’t get to it, and this feature is availed exclusively to Android users.

This process of saving user’s personal data started from the month of June in 2015. Google says they are doing it for many reasons both in user and company’s perspective.

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According to the search engine company, they are providing users with a list of searches they have done and how many intentional, and unintentional queries since accidental activation of the voice search are being done mostly.

In the company’s point of view, they would use these searches for learning the slangs used so that they can improve their service. The important aspect to notice is that Google is providing complete control to users over their personal data by the option of deleting the unwanted history.

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Users can delete entire voice history at once or can listen to them individually and delete them one by one.

Follow the steps for clearing your view history.

  • Open Google->search for Voice and Audio Activity
  • See or delete your Voice & Audio Activity
  • Click on Voice & Audio Activity page in the ‘Delete items from your Voice & Audio Activity’ you will be redirected to a page (it may ask for sign in with Google account )
  • Tap on more options on the right side at the top of the page
  • Click on Delete Options

You will be shown all the list of your search records and every file will be having a text transcript & recorded info. Users can turn off all the tracking process simply by clicking on privacy settings and enabling stop tracking.

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Users can also pause their voice recordings which will be resumed the very next time you use the Voice Search or saying “OK Google.”


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