Foxconn, the Apple manufacturing partner, is reportedly looking into all-glass enclosures for its mobile devices in future. Renewing the earlier rumours listing that Glass Casing with a new design and compound of to be released iPhone in 2017.

While there is no clue about the specifics of the process, sources confirmed that developments were stating that “Foxconn has been trying glass chassis (Glass Casing) since last year.”

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Foxconn is the primary manufacturer of the aluminium casing for Apple and is not a glass supplier. While sources say that, future orders of the all-glass case may be placed with Foxconn from other vendors if it develops successfully.

Rumours stating that iPhone 2017 model sports all-glass enclosure to stand unique among competitors with a 10-year anniversary model of iPhone. While the aluminium case weighs less than glass one, The difference in the weight is expected to be set-off by adding AMOLED display.

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iPhone 4 family was criticised to be the first to providing front and back glass panels. But the phone would collect only incredibly minor scratches with ordinary care and handling. The company ultimately tossed out the lawsuits over the durability of the glass.

iPhone 4 and 4S features a second revision of Gorilla Glass, where iPhone 6 family sport a Gorilla Glass 4. The changes in the formula of the glass provided made the glass more scratch resistance and further impact protection.

The fifth repetition of the Gorilla Glass was announced and is present on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, expecting a wider release later in the year.


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