The popular e-commerce company Flipkart has introduced new scheme titled as Project Nanjunda for taking care of its delivery boys. As we know, nearly a month back, a Flipkart delivery boy named Nanjundaswamy was murdered in Bengaluru by the consumer for a silly reason.

The customer ordered a mobile phone in the Flipkart, and when it comes to delivery he didn’t have the money to pay for the order, and he wanted the phone at any cost. So, finally, the customer at Gym in Bengaluru murdered Nanjundaswamy and took the parcel. The incident shocked all the online marketing companies, and they were not even looking the safety of the customers till now.

However, Flipkart has come up with a brilliant project named “Project Nanjunda” that provides some protection to its delivery boys. In this project, an SOS button will be equipped with the delivery app for field executives. If the delivery executive can meet any problem, then they just tap the button. The Nanjunda button sends an SMS and email notification alerting the hub-in-charge and other delivery boys. For this process, no need of having a data connection, but all one needs is a working mobile network.

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Nitin Seth, Chief Operating Officer, Flipkart, said, “Flipkart delivery executives form the support of our business. To look after the safety of our delivery boys is a primary work for us. Over the days, following the death of Delivery boy Nanjundaswamy, Our Flipkart team has worked insistently to deliver this feature in less than a month to safeguard our field staff is safe while they are in delivery trips.”

The new feature Project Nanjunda will not only help the delivery boys in staying safe but also alert the customers.

Not only the Flipkart, but the other e-commerce companies will also look forward and introduce this type of new schemes to ensure the safety of delivery boys. The distribution executive job is not only a difficult one but also a dangerous where one has to deal with different types of persons.

Will this New Scheme help the Delivery Boys?

Earlier, the Government called for the launch of SOS buttons in online transportation network apps like Ola and Uber, the companies were started it. However, even in this case, the driver doesn’t have much power in case the riders misbehave.

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Flipkart SOS button feature will undoubtedly help the delivery boys, but still it is not effective. There will be no sufficient time for the delivery executive to open the app and press the SOS option. The killers and thieves will take no time to obtain the shipment and run away, leaving the delivery boy with no time to call for an emergency.


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