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Google Owl Update to Tackle Fake News in its Search Results

Google algorithm update does help the search engine to improve and organize the information which it provides. Yesterday, Google has officially unveiled the algorithm update for managing search engine results. Ever since it was indicted for spreading of fake news, Google is working on its search quality. This Google Owl update addresses the issues which the company is facing for irrelevant answers and offensive search suggestions.

Essentially, Google Owl update tackles the fake news which the company refers it as “offensive or clearly misleading content”. To summarize the things in Google’s new algorithm update, the search engine is launching,

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  • A new feedback form for search suggestions followed by formal policies enquiring more about search suggestions
  • A new feedback form for “Featured Snippets” answers
  • A more prominence for authoritative content for improving search quality

The phenomenon of “fake news,” is bothering Google to curb the people’s try to game the system. In the past, the tech giant is accused of displaying misleading, offensive, low quality, or downright false information. However, the problem is different when compared to the issues in the past, and the company worked on it. Now, this Google owl update aims to have long-term and impactful changes along with more structural changes in Search results.

Google Update

Also, this new algorithm update prioritizes the pages which provide high-quality content. Besides that, it also provides improvement in search ranking, find easier ways to get direct feedback from users and greater transparency in how Search works.

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“Internet was expanding at an incredible rate. We had to make sense of this explosion of information, organize it, and present it in a way so that people could find what they were looking for, right on the Google results page,” says, Google VP of Engineering Ben Gomes in a blog post.

Court Ordered Woman to Pay Rs. 3.2 Crores For Posting False News On Facebook

On a surprising note, a woman from Asheville was penalized with $500,000 (Rs. 3.2 crores) for writing a false post on Facebook and accusing her former friend and colleague of killing her son.

The incident happened in North Caroline, and as per the report from a leading media platform, it was mentioned that in 2015 Jacquelyn Hammond wrote on her Facebook of Davyne Dial, as “I didn’t get drunk and kill my kid.” As Ms. Dial, who reportedly nothing to do with the death of her son, claimed it as a false statement and made a complained against her for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

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As per the information, the friendship between the duo was soured after having a fight when both were working at the radio station. Ms. Dial, shared, “She made many untrue statements on social media, but this one was very painful.”

The judge of North Caroline has asked to pay $500,000 in total. Among it, 250,000 for actual damages and $250,000 for punitive damages.Missy Owen, a lawyer, shared that people should learn from Hammond mistake, as most of them have forgotten the importance of their words these days like her. “These kinds of false statements might hurt and cause severe damage to the reputation of others.

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How to Spot ‘Fake News’, Lies and Propaganda in Facebook

Now you can spot fake news, propaganda on the Facebook. Daily we see much unrealistic news on the social network which irritates us, and now readers can keep check to this activity

From past few weeks, the Facebook team is working on to address the issue of hoaxes and fake news. They have given facility to reporting towards a fake post and mark it as an inappropriate post. Some of the steps to curb the fake fb posts are given below

Easier reporting: After finding fake news on Facebook you can report it by clicking on the upper right-hand corner of a post.

Facebook launches parent portal to keep kids stay safe online

Flagging stories as dispute: They introduced a program of Facebook third party fact checking organizations. In this program, it will recognize the fake stories and mark it. If any person sharing the fake news, it will warn the user

Informed Sharing: the Facebook team is looking to improve news according to the reports given by the community. They have found that if reading an article makes people significantly less likely to share it, and that may be a sign that a story has misled people in some way.

Disruptive financial incentives for spammers: Most of the spam and fake news on Facebook are related to financial matters only. Spammers make money by misleading the users.

Some ways to spot the fake news

  • Check the source: Some hoax sites designed to draw you in for advertising revenue, the feature design the legitimate, well-known websites such as spoofing.
  • Check other coverage areas: If the story is really big and real, all other news sites will publish that news, so once confirm that
  • Research the news: If you find any new strange or fake, just Google it and know the specific information. You can view particular person Facebook or linked in profile if it is news about university just go to their official website and know the accurate info

Facebook, Twitter Joins Coalition to Tackle Fake News Stories 

Facebook and Twitter have joined an alliance comprises of over 30 news and technology organizations on Tuesday. The collaboration mainly aims to tackle fake news and improves the quality of reporting in social media.

First Draft coalition, backed by Alphabet Inc’s Google is formed back in June 2015. The coalition would promote news literacy among social media users, create a voluntary code of practice, and launch a dais where members can validate incredible news stories. Managing director of the coalition, Jenni sergent mentioned that the platform would be initiated by the end of this October.

Members of the group include Washington Post, New York Times, Agence France-Presse, BuzzFeed News and CNN. World largest social media network, Facebook with 1.7 billion users every month has been accused of its role in spreading misinformation and fake stories. Twitter with daily users over 140 million has been criticized for playing a major role in disseminating eyewitness content and breaking the news.

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“The network will help Facebook showcase the products, tools, and services we have built for journalists but also ensure we are constantly learning about how to improve them based on feedback from newsrooms.” Says, Aine Kerr, Facebook’s journalism partnerships manager. “We want to ensure we are building opportunities to learn from the industry and to ensure we continually hear their questions and feedback,” She added.

Earlier in August, Social network giant Facebook reportedly increased the use of automation to rate the viral happening topics of the day. This modern “Trending” feature can also be considered as a way to reduce human bias.

The members of the group will take the initiative to develop guidelines for best practice, but the suggestion will not be binding.

Twitter announced the Removal of Tweet Character Count Constraint from September 19th, 2016

“First Draft already works so closely with both news organizations and social platforms that we feel uniquely positioned to coordinate efforts and facilitate real progress in tackling some of the key challenges facing journalists and their audiences.” Says, Jenni Sargent, managing director, First Draft.

Other organizations joining the networks include Breaking News, Al Jazeera’s AJ+, International Business Times UK., Euronews, Reveal Project, Amnesty International, American Press Institute and European Journalism Centre. Few other are expected to join following the launch.

The Moon is Not Turning Green or Pink: HOAX Going Viral

The trending HOAX is Moon turning Green this April 20 and May 29.

The biggest trending news going viral on all social networking sites is Moon turning Green on April 20 and again on May 29. Are you one among the people who are waiting to watch the big green moon? Oh come on! Don’t you remember the Red Mars Hoax? It’s just the same again. Let me clear you, there is NO truth in Moon turning into green to night.

Do not fall for the false promotions on social media. Green Moon due to the planetary alignment, coinciding on the National Weed day is just a Hoax going viral. The “Pink moon” which will is going to appear on the full moon day of the month i.e.; on Friday April 22 is also a cooked up story. The scientists at NASA and Space.com have demystified these rumors.

This false notion in different blogs claims that the Moon on 20th April and 29th May will appear green in color. The explanation given for this spectacles event is that the green moon is appeared for 90 minutes on 20th April, caused due to alignment of several planets which is rare and takes place once in 420 years. Well, disappointing the stargazers scientists explain that there is no such event going to happen. Mars, Nibiru, Zero-gravity and now, it is green moon hoax message. And unpleasantly, most of the people across the world are implored to share the event on social networking sites.

This green event on April 20 is also referred to as “4-20”- is generally identified as National Weed day which celebrates the smoking of marijuana and cannabis culture. Thus, the Green light story is cooked as the predominant color of 4-20 day is green.

The original part of the green moon deception indicated that the moon would change to hue on May 29 due to moon positions just 4 degrees from the green-hued planet Uranus. And due to this close interaction moon may somehow acquire green sheen from the green planet Uranus which will obviously do not happen.

“ISON’s green color comes from the gases surrounding its icy nucleus,” says SpaceWeather.com’s Tony Phillips. “Jets spewing from the comet’s core probably contain cyanogen (CN: a poisonous gas found in many comets) and diatomic carbon (C2). Both substances glow green when illuminated by sunlight in the near-vacuum of space.”

It notes that the origin of the ridiculous rumor is the Facebook post by Miles Johnson, which was shared 38,000 times on Facebook. It is suggested to develop Critical-logical thinking skills rather than blaming social media for proliferation of such hoaxes.

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