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Thieves robbed 5.75 Cr. from the train with daring Action Stunt

Do you guys remember the action scene from Hollywood Action Movie Fast Five? Dom (Vin Diesel) and his team making a hole for the moving train for performing the robbery. Similar to this stunt, thieves made an attempt to steal the money from the moving train. This incident took place in the temple city of India, Tamil Nadu.

Some unknown persons attempted this daring stunt and somehow managed to get into the moving train. A man-sized hole is made on the roof of the train which is specially booked by the Reserve Bank of India for transporting the money from Salem to the Chennai, Capital City of Tamil Nadu.

The wagon is carrying soiled currency notes worth Rs.342 crore. The train consisting 19 coaches left Salem at 9 pm on Monday. Thieves are choosy and intelligent, they stole only the boxes contains Rs.500 notes and left Rs.100 boxes. Some notes of Rs.100 are shattered on the floor, and we can conclude that they have ignored the boxes with Rs.100 notes.

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The police identified about the incident only after the train has returned from Chetpet yard to the Egmore railway station at around 11:00 AM. The train has reached Chennai at 04:00 AM on Tuesday and then moved to Chetpet yard.

Railway Police Officers are working closely on this incident and looking forward to investigating along with the RPF (Railway Protection Force). After filing the case, “All the railway police station officers and teams had been told to look for clues on the track as well as CCTV footage wherever available from Salem to Chennai Egmore,” said Srilakshmi Prasad, ADGP, railway police

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“We have leads which we can’t divulge now. The money is being counted after which only we can give the exact amount missing. Approximately around five crores could have been stolen,” said M Ramasubramani, Railway Police Officer.

“The consignment was being transported with heavy security, including by a team headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police,” reports says.

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