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GoPro launched New Action Cameras Karma Drone, Hero5


GoPro is famous for their action cameras, has come up with the very first flying drone called Karma. The Karma drone was unveiled on Monday. The price of the drone is starting from $799 which includes the handheld stabilized grip for capturing shots on the ground.

This action camera is waterproof and cloud-connected Hero5 and Session cameras. Apart from them it also comes with simplified the Video editing software for the Apple’s iOS and the keychain-sized Lightning-connected microSD card reader.

GoPro launching Omni VR Camera; Gen-Next live streaming Tools

Karma is the system which helps in capturing the amazing footage with the GoPro in the air, handheld or by mounting with your favorite gear.

After watching the video presentation, GoPro has shown the footage from the Karma Grip which is attached to the chest mount during the rider rode the bike down a mountainside at high speeds.


The GoPro captured the best shots and the video although they rode through the terrains and the environment, best part here in capturing the smooth and steady footage, we have to thank the gimbal accessory.

Apart from the Karma Drone, Company has also announced the Hero5 Black camera. It is capable of recording the 4K video up to 30 Frames per Second and the 1080P HD at 120 Frames per Second. Hero5 is priced at $399 and is built-in with GPS and Voice control features.

Hero5 GoPro comes with waterproof feature and is capable with a range up to 33 feet. This drone is compatible with the Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session, and Hero4.

The Hero5 is capable of capturing the still images with 12 megapixel quality and also supports electronic image stabilization.

GoPro launching Omni VR Camera; Gen-Next live streaming Tools

There is another smaller Hero5 Session camera released alongside and priced at $299. This can record 4K video at 30 Frames per second and capture the images with 10-megapixel quality. When compared with another Hero5 model, the current model lags both GPS and touch display.

The users can upload the photos and videos to the connected cloud service available the GoPro Hero5 cameras. The subscribers will be charged on using the GoPro Plus service.

Latest gears Released from GoPro:

  • Karma Drone (Karma Grip, Karma Controller, and Karma Case): US $799.99
  • HERO5 Black: US $399.99
  • HERO5 Session: US $299.99
  • HERO Session: US $199.99

The Karma Drone will be Available from October 23, 2016.

Maharashtra Government to Utilise Drones for Monitoring Traffic

Maharashtra Government to Utilise Drones for Monitoring Traffic

The state government of Maharashtra is planning to employee drones to invigilate traffic. This idea of implementing drones for traffic will control and identify vehicles breaking traffic rules. Initially, these drones would be monitoring Mumbai-Pune expressway on the pilot basis.

Earlier this week, a meeting was held at Mantralaya between Maharashtra state government and Home department officials. Minister Eknath Shinde and Home Minister Deepak Kesarkar addressed the session and noted that Mumbai-Pune expressway had become a ‘death trap’ with a huge number of happening road accidents.

Amazon joins with UK Government to make Drone Delivery on the track

The provided CCTV surveillance cameras are doing reasonably good, but it has its own limitations. The need for controlling vehicular traffic mooted the idea of using drones.

“Incidents of road accidents have increased due to indiscipline and rash driving. We do not have control over rash driving as the length of the express way is long and there is insufficient police staff for surveillance,” said Minister of State for Home (Urban) Deepak Kesarkar. “The drones will be used at load line of the ‘ghat’ on expressway where setting up of CCTV cameras is not possible,” he added.

It is observed that traffic jams are mainly caused due to heavy loaded trucks prefer to jump lanes to overtake other big vehicles. Now, photos of such instances can be clicked with the help of drones and action will be taken against the erratic drivers by the transport department. However, the site of using drones is yet to decide, and MSRDC would submit its requirement in the next 15 days.

Scientist Controls Multiple Drones Just By Thinking

Initially, Home Department is considering to hire four to five drones from private companies. The extension of drones across Mumbai will be based on the result of its pilot run. Hopefully, Usage of drones would reduce the burden of traffic police in the island city.

AT&T using Drones to boost up it’s LTE Network 

AT&T urges a solution to enhance network in crowded areas

 Now it‘s no more annoying to send and receive messages in a crowded concert due to a poor network. American Telephone & Telegraph has begun using little flying machines to deliver a better quality of the network. AT&T demonstrated the usage of drones to inspect cell towers from the air in Shape Tech Expo in San Francisco. The company is also focusing on future applications that could improve LTE coverage for crowded areas or disaster management.

  AT&T is also working with Intel to take the project to next level and improve the quality of LTE Wireless coverage. Presently, AT&T is using portable mobile sites in trucks equipped with antenna towers. These flying COW’s (Cells on Wings) can provide coverage in designated area where a vehicle cannot be driven. The process is much safer and quicker than a human accessing the parts of a cell tower.

Nivea’s Remote-Controlled Seagull Drone Poops Sunscreen on Kids At Beach

 It is reported that the technology developer has examined on drones what progression does might take place in a network.  “We anticipate this will allow us to improve our customers’ experience by enhancing our cell sites faster than ever before” Said John Donovan, the company’s chief strategy officer.  “The company’s current tests are expected to lay the foundation for new, exciting drone applications” he added. Google, Facebook and Amazon had already stated its experimental efforts to serve in isolated areas.

Art Pregler, drone program director for AT&T, said “This is exciting; we’re in the infancy of drone use in the commercial sector. The sky’s the limit.”

Human Drone Flight EHANG 184 to Undergo Testing in Nevada

Interest in business purposes is also exploring on the other way. AT&T is probing the use of drones for its business customers in developing the internet of things (IoT). An analysis is stating that usage of drones may hike data rates someday. The Federal Aviation Administration regulated the usage of drones with some circumspections.

Bored with routine Selfies? Take Flying selfies with Roam-e


Are you feeling bored with the routine selfies taken with the selfie stick? What if you can take the flying selfie? Then you must have to see the “Roam-e” the 360-degree drone which helps in capturing the photos in a distinctive way. This is the product developed by the IoT group which is committed to creating the new technologies to change the world.

Introducing the Roam-e, the Flying selfie drone designed in Australia. The hand free selfie has arrived, and the best thing about Roam-e also uses the smart facial recognition technology. When the Roam-e is placed in the selfie mode, then it keeps the sight of your face, not the device. The way of taking the selfies you know is completely changed with the Roam-e.

Roam-e is designed with the frameless body, and the resolution of this camera is 5 Megapixel CMOS Sensor. Roam-e comes with the ARM Cortex M4 dedicated flight controller. It can be folded up to 85mm at its widest point.  Roam-e comes with the world’s first dual axis collapsible blades.

SELFIE DRONE’Hover Camera’ by Zero Zero Robotics

The flight time for this device is up to 20 minutes, and it supports the fast charging. To complete the full charge it takes just two hours time. The flight range contains four flight modes which include navigation, scout and pilot which can have the range of 25m and in the selfie mode the flight range is 3m.

Check out some cool features of the Roam-e

The built-in smart facing recognition technology recognizes your face and captures the perfect selfie. With the help of Roam-e, you can capture the uninterrupted panorama photos and the perfect and stunning 360-degree photos. You can stream the action in the live with the aid of the application. Live streaming can be done anytime from anywhere. Roam-e is comfortable to handy and light, and this is easy to carry. It can be taken to any occasion anytime, and this is very portable.

Human Drone Flight EHANG 184 to Undergo Testing in Nevada

Pre-order the Roam-e now at the official website. The price of the Roam-e is $399.00 USD.

Human Drone Flight EHANG 184 to Undergo Testing in Nevada


Human Drone Flight EHANG 184 which is the pilotless passenger drone created in China clears off to fly over in the US. Soon this drone will fly in Nevada.

Ehang 184 is the autonomous aerial vehicle which is safe and best human drone flight. Ehang can able to carry one passenger, and this drone has eight propellers and four arms whole world. Ehang 184 has the 106 kw with the total of 8 motors. This drone flight is capable and attains an average speed of 60 mph. The maximum load capacity of the drone is 100 kgs.

Xiaomi Drone Is All Set To Launch In China on May 25

The duration of the flight at the sea level is 23 minutes, and it has 14.4 kWh LiPo battery. The suggested flight altitude is 500 meters. It takes 2 hours for the fast charging of the given batteries. This aerial drone flight is designed for air transportation for the people who are moving in short and medium distances.

latest drone

With one click from point to point, the flight makes its journey smarter. The flight has the unique automation system, with one simple click the advanced options, the flight takes off, and landing is made easy.

This Chinese Ehang Drone stole the technology show held at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, US. This Drone will go under testing at The Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS), and the approval for this is given by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) in the association with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

“Zipline”, a startup to use DRONES to drop blood

The designer had bad memories after two of his friends were killed in airplane crashes. So he wants to design an ideal safe aerial vehicle. The experience travelled in this drone flight is made very simple. After setting up the light plan with the simple click, the passenger can take off to any location by just assigning the location on the map. Just sit, relax and enjoy the ride in the Ehang 184, it will take care of the rest till you reach the destination.

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