The new version of Google Play Store is rolling out to the users now, but according to reports, the new update will not appear to be overflowing with any other big and bold features. But the interesting things to be noticed are floating around inside of the APK and the point to some of the things; we can look forward in the future.

The Google Play Store Version 6.9 in teardown apk having the built-in application streaming interface and the custom purchasing experience for the cardboards. The users are still looking for more changes in the store, and the interested developers can download the files, and they can explore the things by themselves.

As Google promised earlier, they are embedding the new features in the recent updates to the Google play store. The virtual reality content and the streaming preview of the applications on the store.

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With this app Streaming feature when the user searches for the few games on the Google search, then the results that are coming on the Google Play store. On finding the appropriate results, the users can access the application and can able to play few levels of the game or the application even without downloading the complete application.

Already this feature works in the Google search, but the people are habituated to go straight to the Google play store and download the app or game which the user is looking for.  How things look is explained below.

When the user looks for the respective application in the Google search results, then you will be able to see “try now” button. This feature is now applicable to every application but only for the few Android Instant Apps. This prevents to downloading the lengthy applications and the installations.

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Apart from this, you can have the evidence to know how the virtual reality apps will looks inside the Google Play store when VR hits the Android mainstream. With the implementation of the Daydream Project, Google is likely to make the availability of the feature VR content inside the Google Play for both the Daydream and the Cardboard.

The Google Play store should automatically update on your Smartphone or the tablet. If you don’t want to wait for the release of the update, search the apk and grab the file from the sources.


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