Almost 30 percent of the Rio Olympic Games 2016 tickets remain unsold. As the opening ceremony is scheduled for 5th August, organizers are now trying to push up the sales of tickets with ‘Super Thursday’ deal.

With less than 15 days to go with the opening ceremony of the prestigious Rio Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro on 5th August, almost 30 percent of the tickets remained unsold. According to the organizers of the game, 4.4 million tickets of the 6.1 million total tickets have been sold out, which is roughly equal to 70 percent. But the remaining 1.7 million tickets are still available just before two weeks from the Games start.

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Surprisingly, The figures (count) of tickets are revealed as the organisers had stated sales of available tickets with a marketing strategy. The promotion of sales is through 100,000 additional tickets for the purchases made on “Super Thursday.” This deal will offer tickets for both opening and closing ceremony, medal events in football, volleyball and Basketball, and tickets for swimming and tennis sessions too.

The numbers came out as a result of a scam in which a black-market was discovered selling hundreds of Rio Olympic Games tickets at sky-high prices through social media. The officials of the Rio Olympic committee worked hard to find and arrest the ten people who were associated with this scam. Donovan Messa Ferretti, head of the Rio 2016 tickets sale stated that the suspects had purchased tickets legally, but then used social media to sell them illegally. “In one case, a ticket was sold for ten times the original price,” He added.

Mr Ferretti said that the illegally sold tickets had been blocked and cannot be used. He stated that the tickets sold out illegally in the scam were for the top sports that are on demand. Well, he did not mention the price details of the unfairly sold ticket.

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The range of the Rio Olympic ticket starts from £8.35 or 40 Brazilian Reais for few events and reaches the maximum price of £953 or 4,600 Brazilian Reais for the opening ceremony. According to the reports, few sites outside the country are selling tickets for men’s 100 meters final day for £457.

Well, it is stated that the demand for tickets is five times less when compared to the London 2012 Olympics. The reason behind the slowdown of tickets sale might be the lack of interest in few sports involved and the poverty in the country is also blamed here.


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