The state of Tamil Nadu has been in the news for many reasons these days. After the demise of Cheif Minister Jayalalitha, there were many controversies and heat over the TN politics. Now the Buzz is Kamal Haasan is going to make his political entry. To fill the gap raised due to the sudden death of Jayalalitha, politically inactive Karunanidhi fans of Kamal and Rajinikanth wants their heroes to lead the state.

It is known that Rajinikanth had already indicated that he’s not going to enter into politics. Even Kamal has also earlier said the same thing, but according to close sources, he had revised his stand.

Discussion about Political Entry 

On Sunday, Kamal Hassan arranged a closed-door meeting with his fans and supporters at his residence in Alwarpet in Chennai. If sources are to be believed, the majority of the fans had openly asked him to enter into politics. Although there is no official announcement made by Kamal Haasan.

The Global Star has been in the news with his tweets and statements regarding Jalikattu issue. He even opposed Sasikala becoming the CM of Tamilnadu openly. Using his Twitter, he condemned police action on Jallikattu protesters. He also said that ” if the rulers can’t do justice we can do by our own.”

Earlier Kamal Haasan said that good people like Superstar Rajinikanth should come into politics and serve the people in more broader way.

People of Tamil Nadu were not entirely happy with O Panneerselvam, present Cheif Minister Palanaisamy. DMK chief Stalin on the other hand due to the issue in the assembly has gained some political mileage but not people’s support.

Can Kamal be Successful in Politics

It is too early to comment or say anything on this but having a good fan base in kollywood would favor Kamal Haasan in politics. Political parties like BJP, Congress are inviting Kamal with open hands into their party. But we have to what would be the decision of the universal hero.

The million dollar question is whether he want to join in any existing party or will he set up a new party of his own. Earlier Actors like MGR, NTR had started their own political parties and elected as CM.

Political analysts say that this can be the correct time for Kamal to enter into politics since there’s been some political vacuum in the state. He can’t be compared to Chiranjeevi or VijayaKanth since the situations during the political launch has been entirely different.

Currently, the state is in surrounded with crisis situations like dissent against beverages like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, severe drought, crop loss, protests over Centre’s hydrocarbon project.

Fans are keen to know the decision of their hero. We have to wait for some more time whether Kamal enters into politics or he will continue to raise his voice using social media.Soon we can expect many changes in Tamil Nadu politics in the upcoming days.


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