Narendra Modi Independence Day Speech 2017: Prime Minister of India addressed the nation on the occasion of Independence Day. Our current Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi gave a speech about all the developments that took place in these days. He asks every Indian to build a safe, clean and healthy India. He wishes for an India where the dreams of youth come true, women empowerment is encouraged and no terrorism.

He delivered the speech after hoisting the National flag and singing the national Anthem which is a proud moment to every Indian. With a slogan “Bharat Jodo” he said that all the Indians have to come together to attain a casteless, religion free, nepotism free and corruption less India.

The 66-year-old prime minister reminded all the programs that took place in the recent times. As he spoke about Swach Bharat Abhiyan last year, he tends to speak about demonetization, corruption eradication, GST and triple Talaq.

Modi talked about creating a new India where everybody is equal, where there should be no matter of religion and power, where the change takes place, where the income of farmer is doubled, and happiness is viewed in his home. He aims for the development by 2022, and that can be achieved only by the support of citizens of India. Modi continued to speak about anti- terrorism, to encourage non-violence. He asked to accept each other and don’t support “Goli Aur Gali” (bullet or profanity).

Reminding about the demonetization, he confirmed that a lot of black money was extracted. India is going to see a corruption less country soon. He said “Our fight against black money and corruption will continue. We have to use technology for good and transparent governance. Those who have looted the nation and looted the poor are not able to sleep peacefully. There is an environment today where there is a festival of honesty, which gives support. In such a short time, the government has managed to get more than Rs.800 crore illegal money.”

Modi explained about the introduction of Good and Service Tax, GST and confirmed that the release of concept would bring the development in the country. He said that government is giving a lot of support for the competitive federalism as well. Modi informed that government is working on projects like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, smart cities construction and building up entrepreneurship.

“There was an environment that the Centre was the big brother and states the younger brothers. I have been the CM and am aware of the importance of taking states along. We have focussed on cooperative federalism and now competitive cooperative federalism,” he said.

He mentioned that special attention is going to be given to north eastern cities for development purpose. He spoke about the ‘Triple Talaq’ issue, thanked and appreciated the people working on the campaign.

The 71st Independence Day celebrations were carried out peacefully along with a lot of enjoyment to the public.


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