Narendra Modi Government

Narendra Modi stormed into power in 2014, by winning Lok Sabha election with a massive mandate. It has been three years that Narendra Modi government came into power. Since then, Modi has launched various initiatives. While some of them were affirmative, others led to criticism. As masters of government, it helps us to take stock once in a while to see, if our elected representatives are on the job.

Here are the best things that Modi government has done to India so far


Make In India






The Prestigious “Make in India” was launched by Narendra Modi on 25th September 2014, at Vigyan Bhavan. The major objective behind this initiation is to attract capital by improving technology investment. Modi’s notion towards ‘make in India‘ led to the establishment of various industries, which in turn generated many jobs. since made in India has gone international, many industries around the globe are also recognizing it.


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” was launched by Modi on 2nd October 2014. Its main objective is to eliminate open defecation, by constructing community toilets and to keep India clean. Modi nominated notable personalities from film Industries, Sports, Media, Business and other celebrities, to promote this scheme. As compared to last year, Swachh Bharat scheme had received a positive outcome. You can now observe major parts of cities clean and also toilets built everywhere.


Indian Tourism

The tourism department has got the major push from Modi’s government. Their strategy is to make India, a tourist destination. Major changes were brought in Visa system. Indians now got the facility of visa-on-arrival in major leading nations. It is also found that foreigners visiting India have been increased after this push to tourism.


Jan Dhan Yojana

Narendra Modi launched Jan Dhan Yojana on 15 August 2014.The main objective of Jan Dhan Yojana is to provide financial services like pension, insurance, and credits. According to Modi government, it is mandatory to have at least one bank account per household.
As of now, around 30 crore families have been linked to it and around Rs, 65,00 crore has been deposited. The major benefit is gained by RuPay debit holders. As the Accident insurance covers up to Rs 1lakhs for RuPay debit holders.


Narendra Infrastructural

Infrastructure is said to be the priority of Modi government. Their main objective is to make India, an exporter’s arm. As of now, you can observe the work of diamond quadrilateral rail corridor and other high speeds train going on. The Government had also started their involvement in the defense department. Modi’s 100 smart cities project can also be included in this infrastructural progress.



Modi’s government implemented the foreign policy to improve relations with neighboring countries. Modi’s aim behind implementing this policy is to invite more investments in our country. He established various US leaders and explained them the potential of making investments in India. His main goal is to let others know that, the Indian market is also competitive and secure.


modi economic policy

Modi has introduced several economic policies that aim at the betterment of India. His intention is to transform India and make it economically strong country. The major steps include privatization of public companies and increasing FDI limits for Defence, Insurance, and Railways. The government has agreed for 52% equity from Banks, by raising funds. Many Real estate trusts were approved and several tax benefits were also offered.

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