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Reliance Renames Its JioJoin App to Jio4GVoice, Updated With a New User Interface

JioJoin App changes to Jio4GVoice

Reliance Jio India Limited Jio premium apps roll out an update to one of their MyJio Apps. The apps have got several features like managing devices, generates a unique code to avail a Jio SIM card. Now JioJoin to Jio4G calling.

Now, Reliance Jio has started to send an update for its HD voice calling app JioJoin. The Very first notable feature is the name of the app has got a change to Jio4GVoice. The name suits aptly as the app features Voice calls.

Reliance Jio 4G SIM: Tricks to make the existing 3G phone work with Jio

Reliance has changed the names of its Jio premium apps several times such as Jio Cinema, Jio TV, and JioMusic. This new update brings a list of changes which includes all new user interfaces which enhance the experience of the user.

New dialer is quite intuitive when compared to the earlier one. The update is released last night, while users report that they received early this morning. The current version of the Jio4GVoice app is 4.0.4. It requires an Android device with a version of 4.0 or above to install in on Android smartphone.

Reliance to Launch Jio Fiber Internet Which Offers a Speed of 1Gbps

The new update also sport share feature such as maps, and doodle is also enabled while calling. Besides a great voice call experience on VoLTE handsets, the group chat option on this device now provides access to add up to 100 users in a group.

Another Notable thing in this update is the Android N Compatibility. Reliance Jio has analyzed the needs of a user and added this new Android flavor which has been made official by Google.

Besides this new user interface and changes, Jio4GVoice app now supports Indian language keyboard. An addition feature which grabs the interest of users is the option which connects call automatically when a user selects a profile and puts the handset near an ear. Summing all, it’s always good to see such new welcoming updates from Reliance Jio 4G.

Reliance Jio 4G SIM: Tricks to make the existing 3G phone work with Jio

2G/ 3G Smartphone Users can now use Reliance Jio 4G SIM via JioFi Device

It is a known fact that many users in India have 3G smartphones at present. Very few might have upgraded to 4G devices. Reliance JioJoin app in LYF mobiles powered JioFi device will make any phone VoLTE ready as per the company’s statement. Use Jio 4G SIM services in all second and third generation mobiles via JioFi device.

All the 2G and 3G smartphones can now experience the services of 4G smartphone with this device. Reliance Jio Digital Services PVT LTD., has made it possible for the users who wish to enjoy 4G services but cannot upgrade to 4G smartphones.

Get Jio 4G for Free:step by step procedure

There will be no barriers related to calls. The user can experience Crystal clear HD voice calls and video calls. All app to app calls, landline to mobile calls and mobile to mobile calls will charged as per the prevailing tariffs of RIL. No extra charge will be charged.

 The calling network is said to very rich as the users can enhance voice calls with Messages, Images and location details sharing. No barriers in regular chat messages and SMS services.

Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE Unlimited Plan:Steps to Activate

The uninterrupted network is also helpful in Conference calls. Using JioJoin app via JioFi device will enable the users to make calls without going to other apps. Sharing files of any format is possible along with images.

The JioFi device is available in all the Reliance Digital stores at present. The Reliance LYF smartphones are already made available for the interested buyers.

Reliance JioFi 2 MIFI Device Launched with Unlimited Jio Preview Offer at Rs. 1999

Reliance Jio 4G SIM anyways works with regular networks too. But enjoying the world’s cheapest and one of the best Jio 4G services would be different for ant mobile user.

These kinds of facilities may attract the user from the existing networks as none has till date made such an effort to make the user upgrade Telecom provider services without upgrading his mobile device.

Already different Telecom operators in India are in a row to combat the tough competition that created with the introduction of Reliance Jio. These types of smart and technical devices will further ruin the competitor’s efforts to uphold their customers.

How to Use Jio 4G SIM card in 3G and more Smartphones
  • Visit Nearest Reliance Digital Store/ Reliance Digital Mini Xpress.
  • Buy JioFi Device @ 1999 and you will get Jio SIM for free.
  • After SIM Activation, Install app My Jio apps.
  • Then your phone is ready for HD Voice and Video Calls on Jio network.
  • You can use it on 2G/ 3G/ 4G smartphone using via JioFi device.

Note: Using Jio Services for 2G and 3G smartphones is applicable only with JioFi device

How to use Jio SIM on 2G/ 3G phone


  • Firstly you need to install shortcut master lite app from Google PlayStore
  • After installing open the app and click on menu option
  • Now search for service menu or engineering mode
  • Now open engineering mode and select & save LTE bands
  • After that reboot/ restart your smartphone.
  • Now insert your Jio SIM card.
  • Now you can use Jio SIM to avail preview offer.

If the process mentioned above fails, then try this one

  • Dial *#2263# > Select menu > reply with 0000
  • Select UR Settings then go to protocol > NAS > Network Control > Band Selection > LTE Band > The Select “Band 40”
  • Switch off your mobile and Insert Jio SIM card
  • You will get 4G VoLTE in your device.

Note: The above Tricks are applicable only for specific mobile models.

Jio does Apple, people throng Reliance Stores for free 4G test SIM

If you are in awe of those famous queues outside Apple stores, hang on. From Bhubaneswar to Ahmedabad and from Lucknow to Mohali, people on Thursday made a beeline — some even as early as 2 a.m. — outside Reliance Digital Stores and Digital Xpress Mini Stores to get a free Jio test SIM.

The 4G Preview Offer (JPO) gives access to free 4G internet, VoLTE voice-calling, video-calling and SMS for 90 days.

Reliance Jio 4G SIM: How to Get Free SIM Card, Verification Process, Activation and Unlimited Plan

Till now, the offer is available on smartphone brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Micromax, ASUS, TCL, Alcatel and LYF and the testing phase is being extended to other smartphone brands on the Jio new 4G-LTE, all-IP based network.

Jio’s 4G-LTE services include unlimited HD Voice and video calls, unlimited SMS and unlimited high-speed data.

It will also give users access to free Premium apps such as JioPlay, JioOnDemand, JioBeats, JioMags, JioXpressNews, JioDrive, JioSecurity and JioMoney.

Reliance Jio 4G SIM Preview Offer is Now Free For All Smartphone User: Avail At Reliance Stores

JioOnDemand offers access to movies, TV shows, live TV, etc. and JioBeats is for music.

The offer is also available on Jio’s Wi-Fi hotspot devices, JioFi.

Interested customers need to carry their proof of identity, proof of address and passport-size photos to get the SIM.

Source: IANS

Reliance Jio 4G SIM: How to Get Free SIM Card, Verification Process, Activation and Unlimited Plan

Jio Jio Jio presently the most trending word in most parts of India. All of us are aware of the “Jio” which is Reliance’s latest 4G service, providing Jio SIM for free. It is officially known as Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL) that offers Jio SIM for all 4G Smartphone users.

The Jio preview offer of Reliance Jio had created huge ripples in the telecom industry. Due to this offer, other leading telecoms like Vodafone, Airtel and Idea had to roll out new offers to their customers to stay in the 4G race.

Reliance Jio 4G SIM Preview Offer is Now Free For All Smartphone User: Avail At Reliance Stores

After limiting the Preview offer to Lyf, Samsung and LG 4G smartphones now the firm is giving away Jio sim to everyone but with a small condition. According to reliance, the preview offer can be availed by any user who’s having a 4G mobile with LTE support.


  • First, you need to have a 4G smartphone having LTE support
  • Go to the nearest Reliance/digital express store along with your 4G Smartphone device.
  • You must also carry address Proof, ID proof and a passport sized photograph
  • Submit the necessary docs and take away your Jio SIM

Reliance had used a brilliant strategy in the promotion of Jio service. Initially, they have started this offer with their employees later on extended to Samsung users. Mukesh Ambani offered this Jio preview offer to Government employees as well as Private firm employees.

Reliance Jio Preview Offer is Now Free for All Private and Government Organizations

How to Activate Jio SIM

  • You will be getting a confirmation message from Jio asking you to do the Tele verification
  • To activate both Voice & Data services, dial 1977 from your Jio Number.
  • Confirm your identity by typing the last four digits of your submitted identity.
  • Your Sim will be activated within 1 or 2 hours.
  • To enable only data
  • Dial 1800-890-1977 Toll-Free number from any mobile number (Mentioned in you Reliance jio 4G SIM Form).Enter your New Jio mobile number, and it activates DATA services only.
  • After activation of your Jio SIM, Initially you will get 2GB of free 4G data which will further turn to Unlimited 4G plan.
  • Note: Sign Up to My Jio App and install all Jio apps to avoid issues in SIM offer activation.

Reliance offers free Jio for Smartphone Buyers Costing over Rs. 10,000

Benefits of Reliance 4G Preview Offer

  • Unlimited Free 4G high-speed internet for 90 days
  • Unlimited Free HD voice calls 90 days
  • Unlimited Free SMS for 90 days (National roaming included)
  • Users can also access all Jio apps for 90 days at free of cost

Note: JIO SIM cards free issuing only for mobiles that support 4G LTE and for those who are using Samsung Mobiles need to show the Code generated via using My Jio App.

Reliance Jio 4G SIM Preview Offer is Now Free For All Smartphone User: Avail At Reliance Stores

The World is heated up with RIO meanwhile Indians are getting JIO fever from last few weeks. Now  Jio 4G SIM is Free for All

The Jio preview offer was now made available for all 4G smartphone users irrespective of the company and with this upgraded offer now anyone can avail free 4G reliance Jio sim by just walking into the nearest Reliance store. Go and get your Jio 4G SIM at your nearest store.

All you need to have is a 4G supported Smartphone, Valid Address Proof and a passport photograph.

On behalf of Techfactslive.com, we have enquired about the same with the officials and got confirmation from Reliance.

For users who are unaware of the preview offer, it features Unlimited free 4G data, Free HD voice calls and Unlimited Free SMS for 90 days.

Reliance JioFi 2 MIFI Device Launched with Unlimited Jio Preview Offer

Earlier the Jio 4G SIM is being made available only for Reliance employees, later on, given to LYF mobiles and then extended to high range Samsung smartphone users. Recently Jio 4G SIM services were made available to all Government and Private firm employees at free of cost.

Later on, they also launched JioFi of 2 Mifi devices for Rs.2899/- offering same offer. The most important feature of this battery enabled Mifi device is it can connect up to 31 devices at a time.

Reliance Jio 4G Services to launch one million recharge outlets at the Launch

The preview offer also allows free access to all Reliance Jio apps for three months. The Reliance Jio preview offer was proved to be a super hit since millions of users are attracted to this free offer.

Indian Telecom giant has been planning to the commercial launch of the Jio 4G services. Reliance with its JPO service has been creating ripples in the telecom industry.

How to buy Jio SIM:
  • Walk into the nearest Reliance Digital store.
  • Submit valid address proof, Proof of identity along with passport sized photographs.
  • Take away your Jio 4G Sim
How to Activate Jio 4G SIM
  • You will be getting a confirmation message from JIo asking you to do the tele-verification
  • To activate both voice & data services, dial 1977 from your Jio Number. To enable only data services, dial 1800-890-1977 from any number (Mentioned in you Jio Form).
  • Confirm your identity by typing the last four digits of your submitted identity.
  • By Implementing these kinds of great marketing strategies, Reliance Jio can grab most of the 4G user market in the country.