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Intel-Bosch Micro Climate Monitoring System Launched in India

Computer chip-maker Intel has signed its pact with German auto component major Bosch. The alliance to develop a cost-effective monitoring system MCMS which will measure and manages optimal air quality efficiently. The company has officially announced about their pact in a statement on Wednesday.

This new Intel-based Bosch Air Quality Micro Climate Monitoring System (MCMS) aims to provide intelligent data and enable real-time analysis of ambient air pollution. This new Intel-Bosch MCMS offers a variety of applications right from adjusting traffic flow in congested areas to providing fitness recommendations based on air quality to other actions.

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This compactly built Intel-Bosch MCMS device features remote monitoring enabled by both wired and wireless interfaces (Wi-Fi and 3G) and is designed to withstand rugged weather conditions. Also, it includes the ability to provide over-the-air calibration to keep the sensors adjusted and generate high-quality environmental data.

MCMS offers a cloud-based analytics, data management, and visualization software. Besides that, a serviceable, user-friendly design which closely aligns with the Environmental Protection Agency standards and features Intel Security to help protect and secure data from all devices.

This Intel-Bosch MCMS device helps industrial and factory environments to track emissions and provide safety checks to workers for compliance requirements. Managers on construction sites can improve efficiency while improving work conditions and provide early warning signals.

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Movidius Merges With Intel to Build the Future of Computer Vision

Intel manufactures motherboard chipsets, integrated circuits and network interface controllers, graphics chips, flash memory, embedded processors and many other devices related to communications and computers.

Movidius is popular for the development of Drones and Thermal Cameras. The company is also a specialist for manufacturing Computer Vision Processors and AI. Google and Lenovo has good worthy deals with Movidius.

Intel’s new approach to explore the future vision in the chips manufacturing industry. Robotics and Smart homes concept are growing now a days, and the merger will surely help the company grabbing the market and maintain its hold.

Intel acquires AI startup Nervana Systems for $400 million

Intel at present is using the RealSense Camera Technology that helps in sensing the presence around its surroundings. High speed and low power chips can be manufactured for the Realsense Cameras with this acquisition.

This merger is definitely a milestone in the fields of Cameras and computers. With a long term goal, Intel has stepped towards the merger. Anyways, this is not the first acquisition by the company. Earlier Intel purchased a manufacturer of computer security technology, McAfee in 2010 along with Wireless Solutions business of Infineon Technologies.

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A company specializing in network switches, Fulcrum Microsystems Inc. was also acquired in July 2011. Starting as a developer of SRAM and DRAM memory chips, American multinational technology company Intel has acquired many top companies from 2010 to till date.

At present, it is the biggest supplier of processors for many big computer system manufacturers like Apple, Lenovo, HP and Dell.

Intel acquires AI startup Nervana Systems for $400 million

The Chip giant Intel has made their announcement on the big foray into the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The company has acquired the deep learning start-up Nervana Systems in San Diego, California which is currently run by the Entrepreneur from the Indian-Origin.

Intel has not disclosed the deal amount made with the Nervana Systems, but as per the sources, Intel closed the deal with $400 million, led by former Qualcomm researcher Naveen Rao and with other multiple investors. Intel Developer Forum is ahead in the next week, and this acquisition boosts the head start towards advanced data analytics, natural language processing, computer vision and machine learning.

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Diane Bryant, Executive Vice President of Data Center Group at Intel, said on Wednesday “We will apply Nervana’s software expertise to further optimise the Intel Math Kernel Library and its integration into industry-standard frameworks. Nervana’s Engine and silicon expertise will advance Intel’s AI portfolio and enhance the deep learning performance and TCO of our Intel Xeon and Intel Xeon Phi processors,”

Today Intel Processors powers nearly 97% of the servers which are deployed to give the support to the machine learning workloads. “Nervana’s IP and expertise in accelerating deep learning algorithms will expand Intel’s capabilities in the field of AI,” Bryant added.

So far Intel Xeon processor E5 Family is the most popular released processor for the deep learning interface and the Intel Xeon Phi processor which has released recently delivers the best scalable performance required for the deep learning training.

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Intel Executive says “While less than 10 % of servers worldwide were deployed in support of machine learning last year, the capabilities and insights it enables makes machine learning the fastest growing form of AI,”

The startup company, Nervana has recently raised $25 million in the venture funding and also has a contract to work with In-Q-tel, the US intelligence community’s venture arm.

SoftBank to Acquire UK’s Chip Designer ARM for $31.4 billion

As per the latest reports, SoftBank, Japanese telecommunications company has agreed to acquire British chip designer firm ARM Holdings for $31.4 billion (£23.4 billion).
This is the biggest purchase of an European Technology company ever. SoftBank is paying around £17 for each share to the British company. The impact of the Brexit vote and the fall of the Pound leads to witness this biggest technology exit.

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The British vote to leave the EU (European Union) is likely made the ARM a target to the foreign companies in looking for the investments, but the chip designer’s global importance protected it from the worst even in the quick drop of the pound’s value.

When compared with the large chip designer companies like Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm, ARM is comparatively small regarding the revenue.
Despite this, the company has punched about its weight on the global market by licensing their technology to huge firms like Apple and the Samsung collecting royalties on each chip made.

More than 15 Billion ARM-designed chips were shipped last year, and there is an increase of 3 billion on the year before, in these half of them were going into the mobile devices.
From the earlier years, ARM is the leader in chips for the mobile devices and on the while, other semiconductor companies are focusing on the desktops.
ARM’s Competitors felt desperate to switch to the mobile, mainly for Intel, placing the ARM in the upper position to dominate the market for the chips which are being used in cell phones and the tablets.

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The Tokyo-based SoftBank invests in technology, media and other telecommunications business and the acquisition of ARM could provide an additional boost to the Softbank’s Mobile strategy.

The SoftBank holds about 83% of the American Wireless operator Sprint, which means that this acquisition of the ARM, SoftBank would own the carrier and the chip designer.
On July 18, 2016, Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp which is led by the billionaire Masayoshi Son who said that it would buy the British chip designer ARM Holdings PLC for $32 billion (24.3 billion pounds).

Mr Son stated that he was a “strong believer in the U.K.,? and he added that he had spoken about this huge deal with Mr Hammond,Chancellor of the Exchequer along with Britain’s new prime minister Theresa May.

Intel study says ” Millennials Are More Likely To Unplug Phones on Vacation “

Are we addicted to our mobile phones?

Yes, most of us know that we are addicted and unsurprisingly we admit it. A new Study was conducted by Intel Security to understand the consumers’ digital behaviors on summer vacation.

The results released on Tuesday say that we are not too eager to unplug our phones during vacation. A total of 13,650 consumers aged between 21 and 54 globally participated in this study. They were evenly separated by gender and asked the question that how well they can stay away from their mobile phones during vacation.

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The recent study states that nearly 55 percent of Americans who check their office mails said that they cannot unplug their mobile phones during vacation. While 65 percent of the people said, this unplugging from the digital devices helped them a lot in enjoying their vacation.

According to the results, men are more likely to unplug their devices, as 57 percent said that they can plan to disconnect their phones and when it comes to women it is just 44 percent.

“Being unplugged,? means no internet usage and no phone calls. So, the results of the study revealed that 49 percent of millennials said that they could take break from devices during vacation while only 37 percent of the 40 to 50 age group said they could do so. The study also acknowledges the potential risks of staying online while away from home.

“Consumers rely on technology to stay connected to their physical and digital worlds - whether at work, home or on vacation,” said Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist at Intel Security. “As a result, it’s crucial to impart safe digital habits to help consumers stay more secure when traveling.”

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The Intel security study also suggests ways consumers can reduce the travel security risks such as remembering that criminals can better monitor someone’s whereabouts via various social media postings.

“Data can be expensive, but switching on Bluetooth and WiFi when out and about can be a recipe for disaster,? says Intel Security study.

“Connecting to unprotected WiFi and Bluetooth devices can expose your personal information to a cyber criminal. You should be especially careful when exchanging payment information. With this in mind, make sure to update your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi history by removing previously ‘remembered’ wireless networks.?

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