The Norwegian software company, Opera in association with an Indian lifespan accommodation company, Wudstay conducted a travel survey in India. The results of the survey revealed that the biggest fear of Indians is losing the internet connectivity while moving. Above 34.5 percent of the respondents are concerned about the lack of mobile network while around 6.9 percent of people involved were worried about the high roaming charges.

“Technology drives the experience of the modern traveler. Be it making mobile bookings, sharing updates on social media or exploring a new city, WudStay believes in offering the best services to its consumers, and this survey has helped us identify what is essential for our customers. We are extremely excited to share these interesting insights”, stated Prafulla Mathur, Founder and CEO at WudStay.

“As one can see from the findings, internet connectivity is an important prerequisite for travellers. People prefer being connected to the internet in order to share updates when on the move,” stated Mr Sunil Kamath, Vice President, South Asia and Southeast Asia at Opera.

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The survey is conducted to understand the mindset of Indians while travelling or when they are on a vacation in a foreign place. And the stunning results revealed that most of the travellers are feared about mobile connectivity and 7.8% of respondents are concerned about losing their handsets. The survey also showed that 32.8 percent of the Indians involved use mobile data for social media posts while only 28.4 percent use the data for information regarding places to visit in a trip.

And around 16.4 percent of respondents use their internet service to stay connected with family and friends, while 17.2 percent of Indians spend mobile data using GPS. The results also include that about 13.8 percent people are willing to travel without food for a whole day for a better internet connection and 33.6 percent are ready to quit the habit of driving for an evening while moving for good internet connection. And the other weird result is, 28.4 % do not use a restroom for 6 hours to have a good data connection.

Surprisingly above 30 percent of all the respondents fear of overspending at expensive hotels, eating at overpriced restaurants and taking taxis whereas 10 percent fear theft. As the mobile cams are becoming more captivated, people of all age groups love taking lovely snaps with their smartphones, while 9.5% fear taking bad photos.

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Few other interesting findings of the survey are 50 percent of the men prefer to go on vacation with their guy friends instead of their family. Though women are more home-oriented 76 percent prefer travelling with families. On an average 37 % of people love to travel with family.

Finally, 37.8 percent Indians dislike the habit of making the place untidy while travelling. Around 13.8 percent hate people who booze too much on flights. And 10.3% hate people who break the queues and forcefully enter in, and more than 22 percent hate the people especially women in skimpy clothes.


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