Holi is one of the main festivals in India and is celebrated in the month of March every year. It is the festival where all age group people engage in celebrations by throwing colours on each year. The impact of a smartphone on our daily life has been increased, then why not use the smartphone for celebrating the festival too. Know the Best Apps for Holi and make this day more special in your life.

With Holi coming up in very few days and most of all are probably started their final preparations for festival of colours. In this article, we have listed the 8 Top Holi Apps to install on your smartphone to celebrate the Holi. People can download the Android Holi Apps from Google Play store on their handsets.

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Appy Holi- Colour Your Pics

Most of all the people are afraid of taking selfies during the celebrations of the festival of colours if in any case, their phone gets damaged. Download the Appy Holi- Colour Your Pics app so that you can add colours to your photos digitally. This is one of the Best Apps for Holi with features like

  • You can add colours to your pictures.
  • And you can change your old images into colourful photos through this Holi app.
  • Save and share the photos in your social media accounts.


Have you enjoyed in celebrating the Holi with your friends by taking selfies and photos? Instead of sending them as images go for a try to send them as videos. There are many apps to turn photos into videos in the Google Play store. One of the best apps among them is Kinemaster app.

  • Users can select their favourite photos and can add layers and background songs to make the video.
  • If you don’t want the app name on the video, you have to go for Pro version of the app.

May- Photo Fantasy Editor

On any occasion, people click photos and share them with their friends. Instead of sending as just images you can add frames to them and surprise your friends with colorfully decorated photos. Through May- Photo Fantasy Editor app people can add colours to their memories.

  • Photo editing feature.
  • Add layers to the photos.

Musixmatch Lyrics

Are you getting confused while singing the songs and suddenly confused about the lyrics mostly the Bollywood and Hollywood songs? Then try the Musixmatch Lyrics app. It is the world’s largest collection of lyrics of all regional songs used by millions of people around the world. Through this user can get instantly synchronised lyrics for YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and much more. People can also know the lyrics to the songs on their mobile.

Edjing Mix: DJ Music Mixer

Holi is not just a festival of colours, but the actual spirit of Holi only kicks in with the songs. If you want to make the festival more rocking, listen to the songs in DJ style. Edjing Mix: DJ Music Mixer is a music app which consists of more than 50 million remix tracks. It is one of the best Top Holi Apps to celebrate the festival of colours along with the bang of DJ mix.

Indian Recipes- Free Offline

Are you get tired of singing and dancing to the songs and want to eat best recipes of the Indian cuisine? Try out the Indian Recipes- Free Offline app. In this people can find more than 10,000 recipes and want to taste the new traditional dishes on any festival occasion. To check the recipes, you no need to have an internet connection. Once you download the Indian Recipes- Free Offline app, you can open the app and check the recipes.

Free Book: Free Recipes

Having a doubt about what ingredients to use and want to know how much fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol present in the dish? Then download Free Book: Free Recipes app. From this users can know the nutritional values of the food along with the cooking procedure.

Cooking Videos

If you are feeling difficulty to read the recipes while cooking then check out the videos. It is easy to cook through videos rather than reading. The Cooking Videos app is exactly the same app which you all are looking for, and it consists of various recipe videos. You can just swipe the left and right corners to know the ingredients list.


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