Google unveiled a new to organize travel plans and accommodations for users. In fact, Google Trips app was launched last year on both Android and iOS platforms. Recently, the search engine giant has updated the app with some useful features. Google Trips app update is made available in App Store and Google Play store.

Essentially, Google trips app fetches flight and hotel reservations from your Gmail inbox. Now, the app will organize all your past and upcoming train and bus reservation in one place inside the app.

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This new update in the Google trips app brings a new feature which allows users to stay updated with the reservations. Users should press the ‘+’ button in the bottom right corner in the reservations section and provide the details of their airline and flight number, or the name of your hotel, car rental, or restaurant.

Google Trips app will also provide the option if you want to make free-form notes. Users can now share their travel information with other with this app.

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“Anyone you share with will receive an email with all the reservation details, and see them in the app too,” Google said in its blog post. “On average, nearly a quarter of Trips users are offline for more than seven hours at a time while traveling, and nearly 70 percent use the offline feature and download trips in advance,” Google added.

Besides these, the company has shared eight destinations which observed growth in popularity since the last year. The list includes Barcelona, Athens, Venice, Lisboa, Montreal, Vancouver, Denver, and Santiago.

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