Google selfie-style answers

On a surprising note, Google India, the search engine giant announced as the most attractive employer brand, as per Randstad Employer Brand Research 2017. Mercedes-Benz India stood at the second place in the list. In the e-commerce world, Amazon India awarded as the attractive employer brand, and in FMCG, ITC Ltd won it. When it comes to consumer and healthcare, Philips India won this title.

In the latest survey conducted by Randstad, it revealed that premium packages and employee benefits stood in the first place in Indian companies, which followed by job security and work-life balance. But out of all, IT Companies are giving top priority to good work -life balance while selecting employers. Out of all, all the employees are showing interest in working with a top leading, large and multinational corporations.

Indian Government Partnered with Google India for internet safety awareness

According to the survey, it also revealed that IT staff are interested in working in a dynamic startup ecosystem over SME sector. Besides this, engineering background employees are more likely into startup than the public sector or private companies.

When comes to Indian workforce, most of them are working for companies related to IT, BFSI and retails & FMCG.  Randstad CEO Mr. Uppaluri said, “In the past few trends, the trend has changed, and the organizations have started realizing the value of employer branding. And encouraging new talent and retaining with some investment in employer branding.”

As many as 31 percents of employees have openly confessed that they are not loyal to any one of the company, that they are working currently. They are showing interest to join other companies to get more compensation. The research by Randstad conducts every year to encourage the best practices of companies, which they are following to attract talents in the country. In this year, it took the opinions of nearly 3,500 employees to give this Randstad’s most attractive brand employer award for the year 2017.


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