Nokia is planning to introduce their own AI-powered assistant app called Viki. According to the sources, Nokia’s Viki will join the crowded field Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa which are popular across the world. Meanwhile, Samsung is also planning to come up with similar in the pipeline called Bixby.

According to the reports, this trademark is the software for the creation and monitoring the mobile and web digital assistants working with the knowledge and combining all the data sources into the single chat and the voice-based interface.

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Finnish company HMD Global is the one who owns the rights to use the Nokia’s Brand on the mobile phones. They have announced their first smartphone on Sunday targeting the Chinese users. This Nokia phone comes with the price tag of 1,699 yuan ($246) Approx. Rs 16,236/-.

This is the first smartphone which had launched the iconic handset name since 2014 when Nokia OYI chose to sell their entire unit of handsets to Microsoft. Viki, with this application, things are pretty clear that Nokia intends to come up with the digital assistant for their future Nokia devices which run in android. So we can say Nokia is joining the Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and other companies which are providing the private voice assistants.

After the launch of Siri in the year 2011, Apple has been the longest player in this market. In the year 2014, Amazon introduced Alexa, and in the same year, Microsoft has introduced its Cortana. Currently, all these three voice assistants are having the huge market in the technology industry.

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During the last year, Google has also introduced their Virtual Assistant called Google Assistant alongside their Google Pixel smartphones. Google Assistant is not for all Android Handsets; it is limited to few handsets only. Nokia is now decided to come up with their own AI assistant for their Android phones which are going to launch in this year.


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