One way in which Microsoft plans to completely transform the search in Windows is by decoupling Cortana and search in the taskbar in Windows 10 OS. This doesn’t imply that Cortana is eliminated completely; it is just that both are given individual capabilities and flexibility of use.

Now, Windows 10 has a single text box that can be used to perform both searches and send commands to the voice assistant Cortana. If you type one or two phrases, it starts the Start menu or Settings. However, if you type a command, it will not open the search menu; instead, it will send it to Cortana toperform the action.

In the latest update in the next version of Windows 10, the text box is separated solely for search purpose and to use Cortana, you have to click on the Cortana button and speak to it.

“This is one of the most significant changes that we made to improve the user search experience,” says Dona Sarkar, the Insider chief of Microsoft Windows.

The main aim was to bring more logic to the Windows interface as the combination of both was often criticized. Its designers and users didn’t find much sense in keeping them together. Not only this, Microsoft has also enhanced the landing page of the search, integration of Cortana and the search results.

Previously, many users had called the company to ask them to implement a more powerful search tool for Windows. Fortunately, the new feature has been launched a few weeks ago to the insiders and the feedback is just overwhelming!

Rumours have it that the button on the taskbar might not be the permanent home for Cortana. Sources have found that it may ultimately be moved into the Action Center.

The new build 18317 also has the new facility of dragging and dropping fonts into the Settings > Fonts page instead of importing them manually. It is only applicable for the users using Windows currently but can also be applied to other users as well.


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