On the occasion of the first anniversary, Microsoft Windows come forth with an update of the student-focused and Teacher-inspired update. Be the first to know the newest tools of an upgrade: Microsoft Windows update Easy set up sharing, office 365 Education with Microsoft Classroom, Minecraft edition, and flexible new management solutions.The update will get released by July 2016; Windows user can upgrade to Windows 10 before July 29, 2016.

“Our company mission is to empower every person and every Organization on the planet to achieve more. In education, it’s to empower every student,” blogged Tony Prophet, corporate vice president of Education Marketing at Microsoft

Microsoft mission is to empower each and every person and organisation in the world to achieve more concerning Education. Introducing the new update, Microsoft classroom, and forms, one class notebook with LMS (Learning Management System) integration and as well Minecraft: Education Edition is the new update for Windows 10.

Windows 10 Anniversary updates were introducing with an app “Set up School PCs”, that allows the process of three steps in minutes.Microsoft made significant changes to affordable devices to make performance oriented to Windows 10 users. The Average login takes 26sec, if the student accesses that machine again with consecutive logins it will take 6 seconds.

With Windows 10 – anniversary update, Teachers can access thousands of applications in the Windows store and deploy them in bulk. Nearly 60 percent Teachers invest on app purchase and load themselves.  On demand for up gradation from educators, the newly innovative and affordable Windows – 10 devices start at $199.

Teachers and Schools additional advanced need for conducting modern test – taking and thus, Microsoft simplified with secure assessment with ‘Take a Test’ app with a variety of requirements for test taking. The new Take a Test app defines you with a secure online operation assessment for High pole test which creates browser – based lock down environment for more secure.

Without disruptions in the classroom, ‘active hour’ update enables to update outside the classroom that avoids wastage of time and can stay productive. Business visits to windows store are nearly 5 Billion though teachers can easily find, acquire for free apps, and paid apps available for educators.

It’s a new technology update that Educators can teach, and Students can learn. In June, Windows as well introducing Minecraft: Education Edition that the teachers can download and try it for free. It is likely to be among the School-friendly apps found in new window store. From all round Schools already enhanced with Windows 10, from this summer classrooms to become more productive with Windows 10 anniversary update.

source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education


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