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Brazilian Plane Crash: Chartered Flight with 81 on Board Including Brazil’s Football Team Chapecoense Crashes

The Brazilian plane carrying 81 people including football team Chapecoense from South Brazil has crashed in Colombia. 22 members of the football team including crew members and other passengers have on board and the plane has crashed on its way to Medellin due to technical problems. Aviation authorities reported that six people may be survived.

Medellin International Airport authority has confirmed that a chartered aircraft with Chapecoense football squad from South Brazil along with few passengers was intricate in a serious emergency on its way to Medellin city.

The official statement regarding how many on board survived is not yet declared. Airplane Authorities said, it is a British Aerospace 146 chartered plane operated by a Bolivian charter airline named Lamia declared an emergency at 10 PM Monday (0300 GMT) due to an electrical failure.

Plane Carrying Brazilian Nation Football Team Chapecoense Crashes in Colombia: 81 People on Board Travelling from Bolivia to Medellin

It was crashed near Jose Maria Cordova International Airport in Rionegro due to electrical failures, said in a statement. Aviation authorities and rescuers team were immediately responded but an air force helicopter had to turn back due to bad weather and low visibility.

The chartered Airplane Lamia made a stop in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Here, the Chapecoense Football team consists of 22 members were boarded. The team was scheduled to play Copa Sudamericana final against Atletico Nacional of Medellin on Wednesday.

The Plane was carrying 72 passengers and nine crew members, authorities mentioned in a statement. The same airplane used to transport Argentina’s national squad for a match in Brazil earlier this month.

The Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense from the south Brazil joined Brazil’s first division in 2014. The team beat Argentina’s team San Lorenzo squad in semi-finals and went to finals to face to face Copa Sudamericana on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the Brazilian plane Lamia crashed in Colombia along with 81 members.

Medellin Mayor Federico Gutierrez said, “Brazilian Airplane Crash is a huge tragedy. Blu Radio on his way to the site in a mountainous area outside the city where aircraft crashed.”

Here is the Video of Chapecoense Football team getting ready for the flight earlier Monday in Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport


Facebook launches Snapchat-like app called Flash

Have you remembered Facebook Snapchat app ‘Slingshot’??? Less than a year after it terminated, Facebook is back with another app that is built similar to Snapchat. The Mark Zuckerberg-owned Facebook have launched ‘Flash’ a Snapchat like camera app.

Today’s messaging is gradually changing from text-based to photo-based. One of the major differences between Flash and Snapchat killer is this app is being targeted especially at the users who have limited access to mobile data services or having less connectivity.

Mark Zuckerberg keeps up the Promise by Selling $95 Million of Stocks for Charity

Mark Zuckerberg said about the app, “In most social apps today, a text box is still the default way we share. Soon, we believe a camera will be the main way that we share.”

But this time, Facebook has tried something different. This new Flash app was built up by Facebook’s growth team specially designed for the areas with WIFI connectivity is less, and the network speed is low. Facebook boosts up the Flash with less than 25mb in size or roughly one-third of Snapchat Android app on Google’s Pixel smartphone.

  • You can take selfies, can share moments with friends, send videos and chats.
  • Easily add fun face masks, draw and send disappearing images or messages.
  • It works more fast and great on phones.
  • You can send temporary photos and messages to your Facebook pals.

Whatsapp New Feature: Clone of Snapchat Status

The company has already updated its broadcasting feature with the Snapchat’s selfie where users are allowed to apply real-time digital effects while live streaming. Currently, the Android version of Facebook Flash app was launched in Brazil on 8th November 2016.

Facebook hasn’t made any official announcement about the global launch, but it will be soon roll out in India as well. Through this Flash app, it will become easier to communicate with your friends, requires less data and occupies less memory in your phone.

Twitter Joins to Rio Olympics 2016 to Revamp the Moments and also Releases Emojis

 Rio Olympic games are about to begin this Friday. The venue of the opening ceremony is at Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The fans can stay close to all the actions on Twitter, Vine and Periscope across the world.

On August 2, 2016, Twitter has announced the new change, how Twitter’s Moments feature will work for those who wants to follow the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Earlier Moments were limited time collections which are insert tweets in the user’s timeline for the matter of hours or few days. But with the initiation of the Twitter’s new Olympic moments, Twitter will include the Olympic-related tweets in the user’s timeline for weeks at a time.

Rio Olympics 2016: Experience the Rio Olympics in Google Search Results Up To Date

The key idea of the company explains that it is making easier for the people to follow the games with the less work. Instead of searching and finding the right and official accounts for following or searching with the hashtags or keywords, they can just choose to follow their favourite sports and the events. With this change, the users can able to see all those tweets which will appear on their timeline.

The best way to stay close to the Olympics conversation on Twitter is by following the official hashtag, #Rio2016, and these official accounts:





 Apart from this Twitter has released the Emojis for 207 teams. When the user posts the tweet with the given three letter country code along with the hashtag, then it will activate with the respective flag. There are also 50 Olympic and sports emoji which can be used with the hashtags. These hashtags are available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Rio 2016 Features Introduced on Facebook and Instagram

Follow the Rio 2016 Olympics on Twitter, Vine, and Periscope for the latest happenings.