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‘Ring In the New Year’ Activity Challenge for Apple Watch users in January

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As this year is going to end in a few days,everyone is busy in selecting their new year resolutions. A head of new year eve, Tech Giant apple is helping its users to choose their new year resolution. As Apple Watch Series 2 is best for the user’s fitness-related activities. The cupertino based company is offering the new Activity challenge for their users. If the users completes activity challenge, then they will receive an unique badge.

The Activity app on the Apple’s Smartwatch contains three rings which signify your moves, exercise and stand goals. It you reach these all three goals in a day, you will fill these rings, and your activity is completed. Just go ahead in the same manner for a full week in January, and you will earn the unique badge.

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Apple named this activity challenge as “Ring in the New Year“. Apple mentioned that it will send notification to all the Apple watch users across the world on December 28 (Wednesday) about this activity challenge. Users will get the notification only once, and it will be sent around 10 minutes after you wear your Apple Smart Watch.

This Activity app also appears on the iPhone when you paired the Apple watch, and it will show all your badges under the Achievements tab. The unearned “Ring in the New Year” badge will also appear in the application as well from the month of January. The users will get four chances in January for earning the badge.

For example, if the user fills all the activity rings from Monday to Sunday on any week starting from January 2, you will earn the badge. If the badges in the Activity App isn’t giving you motivation enough for you, possibly Apple is offering the unique stickers. If you unlock the achievements, then you can able to view the new stickers in the message app. You can show off them or simply try to motivate others who are using the Apple Watch.

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Apple has organised this kind of community activities for the second time to the Apple Watch users.  Earlier the first activity challenge organised on Thanks Giving Day on November 24. The users can also personalize the ring goals on the every Apple watch.

Report Says Apple Watch 2 is set to Release This Year with Upgraded Features

Apple Watch 2

We are already aware of the next generation iPhones very much, but the things which are going potentially in the Apple Watch upgrade is conspicuous by their absence, considering the original model which was announced two years ago and now the tech giant company is going to release Apple Watch 2 this year.

According to the well-connected analyst Ming-chi Kuo and from the other sources might give us the first indication of the Apple product which has in the store. Apple is looking to release two new models of the watch for the year 2016.

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The major upgrade for Apple Watch 2 will have reportedly having the similar general design which is currently having on the Apple Watch. The fundamental changes will be effected in the internal components such as barometer, GPS radio, thinner display, finally new and faster 16nm processor from TSMC.

As per these features enhancements, the device will require the larger battery and according to Kuo. This is preventing Apple from cutting down on the watch’s size. The second 2016 Apple watch model might sound like a smaller upgrade because it will not get the Apple Watch 2’ new features.

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According to the noted by the sources, the industrial design will stay the same with some updated components which may mark the price reduction in this range. Another model will be in the similar form and expected to come in the coming year alongside with the LTE support.

If you’re waiting for the significant design and the renovation, Kuo doesn’t believe that this will not happen until 2018. The watch will run with the watchOS 3 update which showcased in the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) earlier.

As you all know Apple is likely to host an event in the coming month to announce this year’s latest Apple iPhone and any new watch models would likely to come in line with the scheduled release in the same event.